Youtuber Exurb1a Allegations And Controversy – What Happened? Age And Wikipedia Bio

Exurb1a Allegations

People are curious to know about Exurb1a Allegations. The YouTuber was accused of assaulting and raping his fellow YouTuber friend Roelofs, and it is said that Exyrb1a did a pseudoscientific experiment on Roelofs.

Exurb1a is a popular British YouTube creator and author who produces science fiction, philosophy, and humor content. His real name is Alexander McKechnie.

His videos often combine philosophical musings with stunning visuals and witty humor, covering topics such as the nature of consciousness, the meaning of life, and the mysteries of the universe.

He also has a published book titled “The Fifth Science,” a collection of short stories exploring philosophical and scientific concepts.

The YouTuber has a large following on YouTube, with over 2.56 million subscribers as of 2023. He has become known for his unique style, which blends science, philosophy, and humor in a thought-provoking and entertaining way.

Youtuber Exurb1a Allegations And Controversy – What Happened?

Exurb1a is a YouTuber embroiled in controversy since 2017 when Pieke Roelofs, another YouTuber, filed multiple Police reports against him, accusing him of harassment and rape.

The victim, Roelofs, was hospitalized for 7 months after collaborating with the YouTuber. She suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal ideation, and depression.

She also said that YouTuber raped and assaulted her in October 2016 and started to threaten her and blackmail her into leaving the hospital.

Exurb1a has yet to accept the allegations against him, and the case has reportedly been delayed due to difficulty locating him.

Exurb1a (Source: Fandom)

In 2018, a third hearing took place, but the case remained unresolved. Exurb1a went to the Police in Bulgaria in October 2019 after avoiding a summoning.

In February 2020, Journalist Tonny Mee published an investigation into the case, bringing the allegations against him back into the public eye.

In May 2021, YouTuber BulletBarry announced he was working on a documentary about Exurb1a with journalists Mathilda Mallinson and Kat Tenbarge.

The documentary would focus on Exurb1a’s pseudoscientific synchronicity “experiment” on Roelofs.

In an audio file played in the video, Exurb1a told Roelofs that the experiment was the most important thing they were trying to do and could be a valuable contribution to knowledge and science.

The case remains ongoing, and how it will be resolved is unclear.

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Exurb1a Age and family 

Exurb1a is a popular YouTuber known for his unique blend of humor, philosophy, and science. He was born in 1989, making him either 33 or 34 years old, and he currently lives in Bulgaria.

Despite his popularity, not much is known about his personal life, family background, and educational history is available.

One thing that is known about this YouTuber is that he holds a philosophy degree. Exurb1a’s content often explores profound questions about the universe, human existence, and the meaning of life humorously and entertainingly.

It is unknown if he is married or single or has any siblings. Additionally, information about his family background is low, leaving fans to speculate about his origins and upbringing.

Despite lacking information about his personal life, Exurb1a’s content has gained a loyal following on YouTube.

Due to his unique blend of humor and philosophy, he has amassed millions of views and subscribers. His videos often leave viewers pondering life’s big questions while giggling at his witty observations.

Exurb1a Wikipedia Bio

In 2016, the popular YouTuber Exurb1a teamed up with fellow content creator Pieke to launch a podcast called Half Drunk And Curious.

He has a variety of published books, such as The Prince of Milk, Logic Beach, Bridge To Lucy Dunne, and The Fifth Science. These creations take different forms, including short stories and structured narratives.

Despite his success, he has faced some health challenges. He was born with a genetic condition that caused him to be partially blind in one eye, which he has described as sometimes feeling “off” or “bored.”

Additionally, he has opened up about experiencing sleepwalking and hallucinations, which have led to some concerning incidents, such as breaking into a House while sleepwalking.

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