Who Are Jack Riewoldt Brother Charlie And Harry? Parents Wife And Children

Jack Riewoldt Brother

Everyone is wondering who Jack Riewoldt’s brothers are. Jack Riewoldt is shrouded in mystery about his personal life that has piqued the interest of his fans. Please read the article below to learn more about him and his family.

Jack Riewoldt is a professional rules footballer; he plays for the Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) as a key forward.

Throughout his professional career, he has won several awards, such as three-time premiership player, a three-time Coleman Medalist, a three-time ALL-Australian, an 11-time Richmond club leading goalkicker, etc.

In addition to his success on the field, Riewoldt is known for his leadership both on and off the field. Since 2017 he is also serving as a vice-captain for the Richmond Football Club.

Also, he has played a significant role in the Richmond Leadership group since 2013 and was appointed co-captain alongside Trent Cotchin in 2017.

Who Are Jack Riewoldt Brother, Charlie And Harry

Jack Riewoldt has two younger brothers named Charlie Riewoldt and Harry Riewoldt; they both are very talented footballers who played for Tasmania at the junior state level.

Charlie Riewoldt played for the North Hobart Football Club in the Tasmanian State League. Later in 2011, he was drafted by the St Kilda Club in the AFL.

Likewise, Harry Riewoldt Played for the Clarence Football Club in the Tasmanian State League, and later on, in 2017, he was recruited by the Sydney Swans in the AFL.

Like Jack Riewolt, his two brothers are also excellent in the field thanks to their skill, dedication, and intense passion for football.

Jack Riewoldt Brother
Jack Riewoldt and his Brothers during their childhood. (source: richmondfc)

Although Jack Riewoldt has yet to provide much information about his upbringing and present relationship with his brothers, it is clear that they all share a common passion for football.

It is possible that they developed this passion during their childhood by playing football with each other and supporting each other’s interest in the sport. 

Even though it is not possible to know what their early life was like, it is evident that all three brothers have pursued football as a career and have excelled in the sport.

According to some sources, it has been reported that when they were younger, Jack Riewoldt used to share a bed with his two younger brothers, Charlie and Harry. This suggests they have a close bond and support each other’s aspirations and ambitions.

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Jack Riewoldt Parents

Jack Riewoldt was born on October 31, 1988, in Hobart, Tasmania, to Chris Riewoldt and Lesley Riewoldt. His father, Chris is a former 298-game footballer who played for the Clarence Football Club in the Tasmanian State League.

Chris, his father had been a significant supporter and influencer in Jack’s football career, as he coached him during his junior years. 

Likewise, talking about his mother, Lesley, there are not many details about her, but we can say she has also been a strong supporter throughout his career.

While the player provides not much concrete information about his parents’ personal lives, it is difficult for us to give more details. 

This might be for various reasons. One of the many reasons may be that she didn’t want the paparazzi and media to meddle in her and her parent’s private life. 

Jack Riewoldt Wife And Children

In 2016, Riewoldt got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Carly Ziegler, and later on, after a year in November 2017, they got married at a ceremony in Riewoldt’s home State of Tasmania with their family and close friends in attendance.

Jack Riewoldt Brother
Jack Riewoldt and his wife welcomed their first child in 2019. (source: richmondfc)

The couple together has two children together, both daughters. The elder daughter was born in March 2019, she was named Poppy, while the younger daughter was named Hazel olive whose birth was announced in January 2021.

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