Yolanda Holmes Death And Murder Case Details, Son And Family

Yolanda Holmes

Yolanda Holmes death has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to know more about her murder case. This article will also provide you with insight into her son and family.

Yolanda Holmes, a single mother and business owner of a hair shop, was discovered dead in her apartment after being shot and stabbed.

The woman was killed while in bed with her intermittent lover, Curtis Wyatt. The murder case had shocked many.

With the case coming back into the spotlight, many are curious to know more about what happened to her and who she was.

Moreover, blogs, articles, social media platforms, and the internet are the main sources of information in today’s world. This article will provide you with insight into her personal life as well.

Yolanda Holmes Death And Murder Case Details

A woman named Yolanda Holmes was found dead in her apartment on September 2, 2012. She was killed while in bed with her intermittent lover, Curtis Wyatt.

When Wyatt saw him bleeding from injuries to his head and face, he dialed 911, and paramedics attended to him.

He told the officers that he had just reunited with Yolanda during their conversation. He said that Yolanda’s conversation with someone on the phone was what originally roused him. He then heard the gunfire. He attempted to tackle the man, which is how he was hurt, but the man got away.

However, Curtis aroused suspicion when he admitted to clearing up the scene for the detectives.

On the bedroom floor, a broken handgun was found during an investigation, and a paring knife was taken out of a kitchen block. Evidence specialists searched the wrecked house for objects to test for DNA. On the gun, no prints were discovered.

The detectives were left with nothing but Yolanda’s boyfriend’s short description of the suspect and the conjectures that the locals themselves had developed for more than a year.

Yolanda Holmes
Qaw’mane Wilson, Loriana Johnson, and Eugene Spencer. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

However, none of it got them anywhere. They only started to believe it may be an inside job for financial gain when Yolanda’s son’s conduct changed.

After that, they began investigating him and learned that he was named as Yolanda’s only beneficiary and received the whole payout from her two different life insurance policies.

The authorities learned that the woman’s son had phoned two people “before, during, and after” Yolanda’s murder after digging more into him and his phone records. They were Loriana Johnson and Eugene Spencer.

As a result, in December 2013, they were all detained for interrogation within days or hours of one another. When Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend chose Eugene from a lineup, all the suspicions were proven to be true.

Yolanda Holmes’s assassination was ordered by her own son in order for him to quickly access her funds, Eugene Spencer admitted in his confession.

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Yolanda Holmes son

The son of the single mother is Qawmane Wilson. He was an aspiring rapper.

Qawmane was taken into custody in late 2013 for his role in his mother’s death. He killed his mother because he wanted her business, vehicle, and life insurance policy as he was unemployed and his career as a rapper had reached a dead end. He wanted her business, vehicle, and life insurance policy.

Yolanda Holmes
Yolanda Holmes’s son, Qaw’mane Wilson. (Source: The Cinema Holic)

Wilson was refused release because of the severity of the offenses and his subsequent behavior; as a result, he was detained for more than five years until his case was heard in court in early 2019.

As per the sources, after his mother’s death, Qaw’mane stole about $70,000 out of her accounts and spent money on designer clothes and a car.

Moreover, he was found guilty of first-degree murder, breaking and entering, and attempted murder in relation to Yolanda Holmes’ passing.

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Yolanda Holmes family

There has been no information regarding other family members of Yolanda other than her son.

The woman was in an on-off relationship with her partner, Curtis Wyatt. There has been no information regarding her child’s father.

Yolanda Holmes death
Yolanda Holmes with her son, Wilson. (Source: Up Town Update)

Yolanda’s murder was a terrible event that likely had a significant influence on her family, although the specifics and dynamics are still unknown.

Moreover, many people on the internet have expressed their grief over the incident on social media platforms.



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