Iowa Perry School Principal Dan Marburger Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Injury

Dan Marburger Obituary

Dan Marburger obituary was shared by his family on a GoFundMe page. His wife, Elizabeth Marburger, posted the tragic news of his passing.

Dan Marburger Obituary The Perry, Iowa community is mourning the loss of beloved high school principal Dan Marburger, who passed away unexpectedly on January 14th, 2024 at the age of 57.

Marburger dedicated nearly three decades of his life to Perry High School and its students, serving as principal for the past 15 years.

He was incredibly passionate about education and making a difference in the lives of young people.

As principal, Marburger strived to create a nurturing learning environment at Perry High, where students felt supported to pursue academic and personal growth.

Iowa Perry School Principal Dan Marburger Obituary

The Perry community continues to mourn the devastating loss of high school principal Dan Marburger, who died on January 14th from injuries sustained during a tragic school shooting just 10 days prior.

On January 4th, Marburger displayed tremendous valor and selflessness when a gunman opened fire in the Perry High School cafeteria.

Dan Marburger Obituary
Dan Marburger pictured with his family. (source: weareiowa)

With no regard for his safety, Marburger confronted the shooter in an attempt to talk him down.

He bravely distracted the gunman so that terrified students could escape the hail of bullets, though Marburger himself suffered multiple critical gunshot wounds in the process.

Perry School District Superintendent Clark Wicks commended Marburger’s actions, stating “He was a hero. And I know that it helped, the way that he approached that situation. It saved some lives.”

Marburger’s daughter Claire echoed the sentiment, saying she knew her father would try to protect his students and staff despite the immense risk.

Though many lives were spared that day thanks to Marburger’s sacrifice, the community feels his loss deeply.

His courageous final act serves as a lasting reminder of the man who devoted himself fully to Perry High School for nearly 30 years.

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Dan Marburger Death Cause Linked To Injury

The small town of Perry, Iowa suffered an unfathomable tragedy on January 4th when a gunman opened fire inside Perry High School.

Brave principal Dan Marburger became a hero that day when he selflessly confronted the shooter, sustaining multiple critical gunshot wounds but allowing terrified students to escape.

Marburger was rushed to the hospital and underwent extensive emergency surgeries in an attempt to save his life from the devastating injuries.

His family provided solemn updates stating he was “nowhere near out of the woods” as he clung to life over the next anguishing days.

Despite the best efforts of his medical team, Marburger’s body had endured too much trauma.

The gunman had fired multiple shots at close range, inflicting severe damage to Marburger’s chest and abdomen.

His organs were disrupted by the bullet wounds and ensuing surgeries could not undo the harm.

After 10 harrowing days in intensive care, Perry High School principal Dan Marburger tragically passed away on January 14th, 2024.

The coroner definitively linked Marburger’s death to complications from the firearm injuries he sustained on that terrifying day when he put himself in harm’s way to protect his students.

Dan Marburger family and his community mourns

The shocking news of Dan Marburger’s death has left his family, students, and the Perry community devastated.

As a beloved teacher who sacrificed himself to protect his students, he leaves behind grieving loved ones including his parents, siblings, wife, and young children.

Dan Marburger Obituary
The people close to dan, including his family, students, and colleagues, are still grieving over his death. (source: who13)

His family is likely struggling to come to terms with this sudden and tragic loss.

They must grapple with overwhelming grief, anger, and sadness at his senseless death.

The Perry community also feels the deep pain of losing one of their own. Marburger was a selfless educator who was deeply invested in his students and their futures.

His unexpected death leaves a hole in the fabric of the community.

Students who looked up to him as a mentor and role model are undoubtedly shaken and confused.

Parents are also grieving the loss of a teacher who cared deeply for their children.

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