Willi Koeppen Children and Wife, Daughter Sabina Now – Case Update 

Willi Koeppen Children

Willi Koeppen children have been searched as the Aussie chef mysterious death has made people think about him till today. 

One of Australia’s most intriguing mysteries has ever been solved was started by the disappearance of the nation’s first celebrity chef in 1976, at the height of his fame.

With his wife Karin, the colorful and boisterous Willi Koeppen established the well-known “Cuckoo” restaurant in Victoria’s Dandenong Mountains.

In addition to working on Winston Churchill’s staff and once serving Hitler pancakes, he was born in Berlin in 1929 and learned his trade in some of the best restaurants in Europe.

Yet, on a Saturday night in 1976, he left his Victorian restaurant and was never seen again because of issues with his wife that had become routine.

The couple’s daughter Sabina revealed on Wednesday night’s episode of Nine’s Under Investigation that she thinks dad was murdered and that his mother, Karin, might be aware of what transpired to him four decades later.

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Willi Koeppen Children: Where Is His Daughter Sabina Now? 

Andrei, Sabine, and Daniela Koeppen were Mr. and Mrs. Koeppen’s three children. Andrei and Sabine were boarding students in Adelaide at the time of his abduction.

While he and his wife maintained the restaurant together, their other lives were apart because their elder children had been sent to boarding school.

Koeppen had moved into a modest cottage at the back of the property; outside of work, he and his wife avoided one another. Both of them had extramarital affairs.

Sabina, the couple’s daughter, stated that although she does not think her mother was directly engaged in the murder, she is unsure whether she “had a hand in it,” she thinks her father was murdered.


Willi Koeppen Children
Willi Koeppen Children And Wife (Source: The Age)

Sabina admitted to having mixed feelings when questioned if her mother Karin was to blame.

“Yeah, it’s fascinating.” We adored my mum because she was a charming, vibrant person who was also quite capable.

Sabina admitted that she was still unsure and believed that her mother may have played some role in what occurred.

Meet Willi Koeppen Wife

Willi Koeppen wife is Karin Koeppen. In his first year in the nation, he fell in love with Karin Lantzsch, and they were married the following year. At 28, he was appointed executive chef at the Chevron Hotel in St. Kilda.

Koeppen was the ideal fit for Melbourne then because he secured a radio show, a 15-minute cookery show that aired before the nightly news, and advertising partnerships with companies like Heinz. Melbourne was striving to promote itself as cosmopolitan.

Within a few years after beginning his job in Australia, he opened his eatery, and Cuckoo was created in 1958.

The restaurant, which had a Bavarian motif and servers serving schnitzel while wearing lederhosen, quickly gained popularity in Australia.

But Willi and Karin’s marriage grew shaky over time as they became more estranged and had frequent arguments and rumors of extramarital affairs.

When Karin had a sexual relationship with a Melbourne attorney who frequented the Cuckoo, rumors circulated that Willi saw waiting for staff members—apparently in a blatant insult to Willi.

Last year, Karin passed away at the age of 87.

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Willi Koeppen Case Update

His daughter Sabina, now a lawyer, expressed her conviction that Dad was murdered on Wednesday night’s Nine’s Under Investigation episode.

‘No. It wasn’t suicide, in my opinion. I believe he was killed. Yes. I am positive that he was murdered that evening,” she declared.

He didn’t fake his disappearance, in my opinion. Sabina doesn’t appear to be residing abroad, in my opinion. I believe he passed away that night.

Willi Koeppen Children
Willi Koeppen Daughter Sabina Is Currently Handling Her Father’s Case (Source: Daily Mail)

Sabina admitted that she was still unsure and believed that her mother might have at least been partially responsible.

She was skilled at fostering environments where others flourished. She was very adept at persuading others to assist her. She was the real matriarch, she had great power, and everyone loved her.

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