Who Killed Jordan Neely In NYC Subway – Has The Killer Been Arrested?

Jordan Neely

The reason behind the death of a subway passenger who died following being put in a chokehold by a former Marine while on the train has been disclosed. Here is some information regarding who killed Jordan Neely.

According to the police, Jordan Neely, aged 30, was acting abnormally on a northbound F train at Broadway-Lafayette station at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Monday.

He was reportedly harassing passengers and making threats. A 24-year-old attempted to intervene and control him, leading to a physical altercation that resulted in Neely losing consciousness.

Neely was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital and was pronounced dead. On Wednesday, a medical examiner stated that Neely died due to a chokehold (neck compression) and that his death was a homicide.

However, it is still under investigation by the Manhattan DA’s office to determine if it will be prosecuted as a homicide.

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Who Killed Jordan Neely In NYC Subway

Who killed Jordan Neely has become one of the most searched topics on the internet lately as it has been creating headlines on several news platforms.

Jordan had been previously arrested and was known to both the MTA and the police. Nevertheless, many believe that his death was unnecessary, and there is increasing outrage regarding the incident.

The individual who subdued Neely stated that he did so to assist other passengers who felt frightened and intimidated.

Who killed Jordan Neely
The death of homeless man placed in a chokehold on the NYC subway is formally ruled a HOMICIDE (Source: Daily Mail)

However, at a candlelight vigil held for Neely, advocates stated that it was he who required assistance and that society had failed him.

On the platform of Broadway-Lafayette station, a small crowd gathered to denounce what they perceived as an injustice.

Krys Cerisier with Vocal NY claimed that individuals are frequently presented with the idea that homeless people are dangerous; they assume they can take matters into their own hands and see a black man who is upset because he is hungry as a threat.

Further details about who killed Jordan Neely in the NYC subway have not been made public as of yet.

Jordan Neely-Has The Killer Been Arrested?

According to witnesses who spoke to detectives, Nelly entered the subway and threw his jacket on the floor, screaming and shouting as he paced up and down the train carriage.

Many of the other passengers were alarmed by his hostile and unpredictable behavior. However, one witness was less concerned, telling investigators that such incidents were common on the subway.

The police have reported that the former Marine, aged 24, was not specifically threatened by Jordan when he intervened.

He provided a detailed statement to detectives before being released pending further inquiry.

Jordan Neely
Who was Jordan Neely? NYC Subway murder video sparks outrage online (Source: Sportskeeda)

Years prior, Jordan was observed dancing in the subways, mimicking Michael Jackson’s moves.

The Manhattan Borough President revealed on Wednesday that he had witnessed Nelly’s performances many times on the A-train; they made people happy.

Nonetheless, in recent years, he has been arrested more than 40 times on the subway for crimes including public indecency and assaulting an elderly person.

According to sources, witnesses who witnessed his final moments informed the police that he was acting unpredictably and aggressively, although it is unclear whether he posed a threat of violence.


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