Jordan Neely Criminal Record, Arrested 40 Times – Murder And Case Details

Jordan Neely

Jordan Neely’s murder footage has been viral over the internet recently. People are curious to know more about Jordan Neely Criminal Record.

Jordan Neely was a homeless man involved in a tragic incident on an F train in Manhattan. Witnesses and Police reported that Neely was shouting and pacing on the train when a 24-year-old U.S. Marine veteran from Long Island took him to the floor.

Sadly, Neely’s death has now been ruled a homicide caused by neck compression.

Jordan Neely Criminal Record, Arrested 40 Times 

Jordan Neely was a Michael Jackson impersonator and a subway busker. He had been arrested more than 40 times before, and a felony attack warrant was still out, which was issued on Feb. 23.

His criminal record included drug charges, disorderly conduct, and fair beating. Neely had been living on the streets with a recorded history of mental illness.

Police had previously stated that he had threatened riders, although they did not know the specific words exchanged.

Jordan Neely Criminal Record
Jordan Neely Criminal Record: He was arrested 40 times previously (Source: Complex)

It’s important to remember that homelessness is against the law in the U.S. People who don’t have a place to live or access to necessities and services are often arrested for loitering, panhandling, trespassing, having open containers in public, urinating in public, and dozens of other crimes.

At the time of his death, there was an order out for Neely’s arrest because he was accused of assaulting a 67-year-old woman in the East Village in November 2021.

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Jordan Neely Murder

On Monday afternoon, a 30-year-old homeless man, Jordan, was tragically killed on the F train in lower Manhattan.

Neely was taken down from behind by the murderer, who Police described as a 24-year-old Marine from Queens. The marine placed Neely in a chokehold for around 15 minutes, according to the Police.

This led to a physical fight and ultimately resulted in Neely losing consciousness. He was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Jordan Neely, a Black man
Jordan Neely, a Black man, was killed on the subway (Source: Complex)

After the incident, there was a rally inside the Broadway-Lafayette station, where the attack took place, followed by a march through the neighborhood streets. And at least three people were taken into custody during the protest.

On Wednesday afternoon, the medical examiner’s office said that the death cause was “compression of neck (chokehold)” and that the way of death was murder.

But the medical inspector wanted more tests on Neely’s neck tissue before they could finish their report.

Even though the medical examiner has decided, it is still unclear if the case will be treated as a homicide. The office of the Manhattan District Attorney is currently investigating the incident. At some point shortly, they will decide on how to proceed.

Jordan Neely Case Details

On Monday afternoon around 2:30 pm, passengers on an F train heading towards the Broadway-Lafayette stop in NoHo witnessed a disturbing incident involving a man named Neely.

According to witnesses, Neely began acting randomly by yelling and throwing garbage at commuters, which started an argument with a 24-year-old ex-Marine.

The argument quickly escalated into a fight as the train entered the station.

Alberto Vazquez, who witnessed and filmed the fight, shared that Neely was shouting at fellow commuters that he was hungry and thirsty and didn’t care if he ended up in jail before the Marine intervened.

Jordan Neely
People are protesting and seeking justice for Jordan Neely (Source: NY Breaking)

While it’s unclear what words were exchanged between the two men, it’s known that the ex-Marine put Neely in a chokehold to restrain him during the fight.

In the fight video, the ex-Marine’s left arm is around Neely’s neck as they struggle. Another man helped restrain Neely, who continued kicking his legs until he stopped moving about a few minutes into the video.

Jordan fell unconscious on the train as the ex-Marine held him in a chokehold, and the conductor called for Police.

Emergency personnel took him to Lenox Hill Hospital, but he later died.

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