Nike Onile Death: Ode Studio Founder Died Of Cancer

Nike Onile Death

Nike Onile death has been trending on the internet. Many people have been offering her condolences on social media.

Nike Onile was the founder of Ode Studio, a multidisciplinary spatial design studio focused on connecting stories to our daily spaces.

In addition, Nike was a spatial artist and designer and a master of holistic design. 

She was a firm believer that good design engages all our senses.

Moreover, her exceptional eye and passion for the human aspect of design earned her recognition among a new generation of Canadian city shapers.

Furthermore, Onile has graced the pages of magazines and was a regular guest on Cityline, Canada’s longest-running daytime talk show.

Her notable collaborations with renowned brands allowed her to share her expertise on holistic design, small spaces, and the art of embracing a slower pace of life.

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Ode Studio Founder: Nike Onile Death Due to cancer

In 7th July 2023, Nike, the visionary founder of Ode Studio, sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Nike Onile death has left a void in the hearts of many people, and her absence will be felt for a lifetime.

However, her family felt the deepest pain during the sorrowful and challenging period.

Nike Onile Death
Nike Onile death has left a void in the hearts of many people. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, to support Onile’s family with the final expenses, a GoFundMe page has been established by her friends.

Moreover, in the future, there are plans to raise funds for a scholarship in Nike’s honor.

Nike once expressed, “I have no words to properly express my gratitude for all of you for your love and continued support.

You have taught me so much about trust and community, I am often left speechless by your unintentional lessons.”

Nonetheless, her talent, passion, and ability to bring happiness to those around her will forever be remembered.

We extend our deepest condolences to Nike’s family and friends.

Nike Onile Health condition before death

Before Nike Onile death, she openly shared her cancer journey on social media, providing glimpses into her difficult health battle.

In an interview, the Ode Studio founder discussed the difficulties she faced due to her declining when she was at the peak of her career.

Nike Onile Death
Nike Onile death news has been circulating on social media with people offering their condolences to her family. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she stated that her body started betraying her before her diagnosis.

However, Nike’s world was shattered when she received the devastating diagnosis of cancer in the summer of 2021.

Although, she had courageously documented her cancer journey and health struggles through regular social media posts.

Her last update was about her last round of chemotherapy.

Throughout her treatment, Nike fought her hardest and was positive about her life.

Nike Onile family Details

Nike was born to her mother, Rachel Onile, although there is not much information about her father.

In addition, she also has a sister named Doyin Onile who is a singer and traveller. She is also active on Instagram and goes by the name @livecreative.

Nike Onile Death
Nike Onile with her mother and sister. (Source: Instagram)

There is limited information about her family at the moment. We will update you first when more information about her kin is revealed.

All in all, Onile has made a significant impact as an artist and interior designer. She will be remembered for her hard work and dedication.

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