Who Killed Amber Belkin? Murder Suspect, Case Update And Family Details

Amber Belkin

The perpetrator who killed Amber Belkin is serving jail time at the moment. Read on to learn about the murderer’s real intention behind the heinous crime.

Amber Marie Belkin was a store manager at E.B. Games in San Antonio, Texas. On January 29, 2007, she was discovered strangled in the back of the store by her store manager, who had gone to check on her after she failed to open it in time.

Marie had been suffocated with a bag during a robbery at the store that morning.

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Who Killed Amber Belkin? Murder Suspect

It took authorities nearly a year to capture the culprit involved in Marie’s murder. The murderer was identified as the former team member of the same store Geovany Rivera.

Geovany had tried to get help from his friend to rob the store where she was working. Yet there was insufficient evidence linking him to the crime.

Detectives later matched Rivera’s D.N.A. to a strand of hair discovered near Belkin’s body. He allegedly fled to Mexico to avoid being captured after the murder.

The murderer was included in the United States Marshals’ “15 Most Wanted” runaway listing.

Geovany Rivera
The culprit behind the murder of Amber Belkin “Geovany Rivera” ( Source: BOONIE’S BLOG OF CRIME )

Rivera was caught by Mexican police and turned over to U.S. Marshals in Texas a year later. When Geovany was arrested, his lawyer stated that his client never planned to kill Mary the morning of her death but just wanted to rob enough money to pay his rent and feed his family.

Rivera, who was 25 years old, agreed to accept a life sentence in jail instead of facing the death penalty in 2010.

He was charged with Mary’s murder as well as two other past charges of sexual harassment.

Rivera’s arrest resulted in a $100,000 reward, of which $95,000 was from E.B. Game, the largest in San Antonio’s history.

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Update on the Murder of Amber Belkin Case

Currently, Geovany is serving his life sentence in prison. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 30 years in April 2010 after being deported to San Antonio, Texas.

During the victim impact statements, Belkin’s father reportedly told him, “Amber was our soul. You didn’t kill one person. You killed three.”

Who Killed Amber Belkin
Amber Belkin on Dateline N.B.C. ( Source: 2paraghraphs )

Mary’s friend, Leticia Rodriguez, also confronted Rivera, saying, “I’m glad you’re not dying. I’m glad that you’re serving every single day. From the day it happened, I’ve been praying for you not to have any peace or rest.”

According to official court documents, the culprit is now imprisoned in a prison cell at the John M. Wynne Unit in northern Huntsville, Texas. The date of his parole eligibility is August 10, 2038.

Family Details Of Amber Belkin

Amber was born on December 6, 1981, in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, U.S.A., to Randy and Lelia D. Belken. As for their profession, not much is known about the victims’ parents.

Mary was the only child of the Belkin parents. She had no siblings, as she was their sole child.

Belken graduated from Judson High School in 2000 with ambitions of becoming a veterinarian. At the event, she worked as the store manager of the E.B. Games shop for roughly three years.

Amber Belken Parents
RANDY BELKIN and LEIGH BELKIN listen as U.S. Marshall LAFAYETTE COLLINS speaks during a press conference Thursday at the SAPD headquarters. (Source: IMAGO )

The Dateline N.B.C. episode “Everything She Knew” uncovers Amber BelkIn’s murder. “On the Case With Paula Zahn: Murder in Store,” released on Investigation Discovery, digs deeper and thoroughly into the specifics of the tragic case.

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