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Kaivan is an America-based media personality actively seen on digital platforms commenting on the political scenarios of the U.S. Let’s explore Kaivan Shroff Wikipedia, parents, and wife.

Shroff is what he claims to be, a “Proud Democrat, non-profit advisor, and commentator.” He has shared his thoughts on various political events and issues since early 2014.

However, his rise came when Shroff worked on Hillary Clinton’s election campaign as a digital organizer in 2016. This provided him with the audience he was craving for.

Shroff is an MBA graduate working as a Senior Advisorgraduate COO & Chief Strategy Officer of the Institute For Education. Although an MBA graduate, he focuses on the country’s political sector.

Similarly, Kaivan has also completed his graduation in Political Science from the less renowned Brown University.

Kaivan now has around 110,000 followers on Twitter and more than 5 million likes on TikTok. He is well-loved and well-criticized by his diverse audience.

Kaivan’s most popular post is one of his videos regarding Joe Biden and how good he did in the State of The Union. The video got more than 2.5 million views just on Twitter.

Kaivan Shroff wikipedia And bio

Kaivan was born on April 23. His actual date of birth is a mystery, but as per specific research, he was born in the mid-’90s. He is in his late twenties and with a lot of energy for the U.S. government.

He was born in New York City, Metropolitan Area, and has spent most of his time in the streets of New York.

Similarly, Kaivan is not only known for his political awareness as he recently got his bartending license and recently began working as a bartender for the summer. This proves how versatile this man can get.

On the other hand, Kaivan is actively supporting Biden for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He is constantly seen taunting Biden competitor Nikki Haley.

Kaivan is now seen often giving his thoughts and views on national television, his latest being with co-host of CNN, Alisyn Camerota. In the interview, he constantly debates Nikki Haley’s identity and how it’s an issue for her during the 2024 election Campaign.

The 2024 Presidential election seemed to keep Shroff busy for a while and will keep him busy throughout this year and next. He is more active than ever in keeping his opinions on minor political events, especially with Nikki Haley and Joe Biden.

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Meet Kaivan Parents and his Siblings – Family Revealed

6-foot-tall Kaivan is a loving son and a great-grandson. He constantly posts pictures of his grandad and grandmom on his Instagram.

Kaivan is the eldest son of two children. His brother’s name is Zal Shroff. Kaivan and Zal have deep brotherhood bonds as they share their childhood pictures on different occasions.

Although he posts about his parents and grandparents on his social media, there are no apparent signs of either his or his grandparents’ social media handles.

kaivans family
Kaivan’s post on Instagram on his grandparent’s 60th Anniversary. (Source: Instagram)

kaivans love life

Similarly, Kevin is dating his college mate Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani. She graduated with M.Des Critical Conservation from Harvard and has done M.A. in Urban Design. She seems to be passionate about design and the fashion world. 

However, She seems to travel around more often as the couple frequently share goodbyes or miss your posts on their Instagram. They aren’t married as far as they have shown but stay tuned on this site for future updates.

kaivan and Isabel
Kaivan’s post captioned, “Missing @isabel_oyuela already. Get to Florida safe “. (Source: Instagram)

However, the information on their marriage is still unknown to date. They are not married yet but keep in touch with us while we research their love life.

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