Who Is Matt Fiddes Wife Moniqe? Wikipedia And Age

Matt Fiddes Wife

Matt Fiddes Wife, Monique Fiddes is the martial arts expert’s partner who is blending music and martial arts into a vibrant harmony of love and skill.

Matt Fiddes is an influential figure in the realms of martial arts, fitness, and entrepreneurship. His journey began at a young age when he discovered his passion for martial arts as a means to combat bullying.

Despite leaving school without formal qualifications, Matt’s determination led him to establish the first Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School in Barnstaple, North Devon, with minimal savings.

Remarkably, the school swiftly grew to become the largest of its kind in the UK, boasting over 700 members.

Matt’s innovative life skills and educational programs have garnered widespread acclaim, resulting in the establishment of over 1500 MF schools across the UK, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

With a 7th-degree Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and expertise in kickboxing and Kung Fu, Fiddes’s expertise extends beyond martial arts.

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Who Is Matt Fiddes Wife?

Matt Fiddes wife, Monique is his lifelong partner and the love of his life. Their relationship is evidence of love at first sight, as they met in April 2012 and tied the knot just three months later in a grand ceremony.

Matt Fiddes Wife
Matt Fiddes and his wife have been happily married for many years. (Source: Instagram)

Monique cherished the memory of Matt affectionately calling her “future wifey” from the beginning, a nickname that became reality when the two exchanged vows in July 2012.

The couple’s bond has only grown stronger over the years, evident in their shared joy of raising their three beautiful children together.

Beyond their family life, the martial arts champion and Monique share a passion for exploration, often embarking on adventures to different parts of the world.

Their trip to Rome in November 2022 epitomized their love for travel and discovery, as they immersed themselves in the city’s rich history and culture.

Matt Fiddes Wife Monique Fiddes Wikipedia

Monique Fiddes, wife of Matt Fiddes, is a multi-talented individual known for her musical skills and captivating voice.

With a strong presence on platforms like Spotify and TikTok, Monique shares her love for music with her followers, garnering thousands of fans who appreciate her covers and original country songs.

Beyond her musical talents, Mrs Fiddes is also an active presence on social media. She shares her passion for fitness and healthy living.

As a fitness influencer, she offers valuable tips and insights to her followers, inspiring them to lead an active lifestyle.

In addition to her musical and fitness pursuits, the singer enjoys sports like basketball and soccer, further showing her diverse interests.

Mr Matt’s partner’s love for food also shines through, adding another dimension to her vibrant personality.

Despite her growing popularity and talents, Monique remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to connect with her audience and share her gifts with the world.

Monique Fiddes Age: How old is Matt Fiddes Wife?

Monique Fiddes, the wife of iconic martial art expert Matt Fiddes is around her early 30s as of 2024.

Matt Fiddes Wife
Monique Fiddes is a well-known singer. (Source: Instagram)

In a heartfelt post on Facebook around four years back from now, Mr. Fiddes shared a lovely picture of him with his wife, wishing her all the happiness on her birthday.

The talented Martial arts fighter’s lover is a talented singer known for her captivating performances in ballad and pop music genres, leading an active presence on social media.

Her platforms including, Facebook and Instagram, are adorned with personal photos and insights into her life. The lovebirds have been together since their first encounter in 2012, transitioning from friends to life partners.

Their relationship, marked by love and mutual support, is evident in Matt’s heartfelt birthday message, celebrating Monique as a cherished gift in their lives.

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