Cortnee Vine Partner Charlotte Mclean Dating Timeline Age Gap, Children

Cortnee Vine Partner

People are inquisitive about Cortnee Vine Partner Charlotte Mclean. The footballing partners turned into a couple.

Cortnee Brooke Vine is an Australian Football player who plays for Sydney FC. She also represents Australia’s Women’s Football Team at the senior level.

She has also represented clubs like Newcastle Jets, Western Sydney Wanderers, and the Brisbane Roar in the A-League Women.

She started her career as a right winger, but she can also swiftly shift her position to a right-back.

Charlotte Mclean is also an Australian footballer who plays for Sydney FC and has been a part of the team for the last three seasons and has been starting regularly since last season.

She is a part of the Young Matilda Setup. She also played as a defender for Sydney University’s senior side and won NPL Women’s. She is also studying Economics and Industrial relations.

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Cortnee Vine Partner Charlotte Mclean Dating Timeline

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean have been dating for a while but the exact date hasn’t been shared yet as the couple felt it was unimportant to announce their love to the world.

Vine has been away from home for a lot of time now to play for Sydney FC  but it hasn’t been that hard for her as she has been living with Mclean now.

Cortnee Vine Partner
Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean in an interview with Football Australia (Source: YouTube)

The couple lives together in Mclean’s home with her parents, and her family has been very supportive of it. The couple has been dating for a while but didn’t ‘come out’ as a couple as they thought it wasn’t necessary.

“We kind of looked at it like we shouldn’t have to do that, like why do we have to ‘announce’ that we’re together and sit down with the parents and all the stuff ?” Vini said.

The couple didn’t do any of the typical things that celebrity couples do while coming out as a couple and said it was the best way to approach the whole thing.

According to Optus Sports, Vini expressed her dilemma while initially dating Charlotte as both of them had dated guys before and were not sure about the feeling.

“She’s just way too beautiful”, Vine on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

“I found it hard initially to accept that of myself and be like, ‘I’m with a girl’ because beforehand we both dated guys, and it just kind of happened.”

She told her family and friends about their dating, and it was no surprise to them. Their response was, “Yeah, we thought you were dating.” Vini told.

Both families are very supportive and happy about ‘couldn’t have asked for anything better”.

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean Age Gap

Cortnee was born on 9 April 1988 in Australia and started her professional career at Brisbane Roars in 2015. Charlotte was born in 2001 in Sydney, Australia,

Cortnee Vine Partner
Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean at The Star (Source: Instagram)

The age gap between them is two years with Cortee being the oldest. This dynamic has been pretty helpful for both of them. Two years gap is not much in a dating sense.

With Cortnee by her side, Charlotte can achieve much more in her career. The experience of Cortnee can help Charlotte.

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean Children

Both Cortnee and Charlotte are too young to start a family. The athlete is in the early stages of their career and we don’t think they have given much thought about children.

Cortnee Vine training for Australia

The pair are happy as it is right now and focused on their career. To be engaged in a family lifestyle, the pair will have to make a lot of sacrifices which might include one of their careers.

Cortnee Vine Partner Charlotte Mclean has inspired all the young couples out there. As a sportsperson, they are paving a path for others to follow.

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