Is Craig Ross Jr Milton Ny Sex Offender? Charlotte Sena Teacher Case: Where Is His Family Now?

Craig Ross Jr Milton Ny Sex Offender

A nine-year-old girl who disappeared from her family vacation while cycling in an upstate New York park has been discovered inside a cupboard within the camper van of her kidnapper. Let’s explore more about Craig Ross Jr, Milton Ny, Sex Offender.

An Amber Alert was initiated on Sunday morning in the case of Charlotte Sena, who is nine years old.

Her most recent sighting was on Saturday at 6:15 p.m. while she was camping with her family.

Thankfully, troopers rescued Charlotte Sena on Monday, a couple of days after she was abducted from Moreau Lake State Park in Gansevoort.

The police reported that she was found in a satisfactory state of health. Craig Ross Jr., aged 47, has been apprehended and is undergoing questioning.

He resided in a trailer on his mother’s property on Barrett Road in Milton, New York.

During a press conference, Governor Kathy Hochul disclosed that the police located young Charlotte concealed inside a cabinet on Monday afternoon.

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Is Craig Ross Jr. Milton Ny a Sex Offender? Charlotte Sena Teacher Case

The netizens are eager to learn about Craig Ross Jr, Milton Ny’s sex offender. So here is what they need to know: 

According to sources, Ross Jr. arrived at Sena’s parents’ residence at 4:20 a.m. on Monday, placing a ransom note inside their mailbox.

This mailbox was subsequently found to contain his DNA and fingerprints.

At 2:30 p.m. on Monday, investigators discovered a match in their database, linking the fingerprints to a prior DWI arrest in Saratoga County dating back to the 1990s.

Following this breakthrough, law enforcement swiftly located and apprehended Ross Jr. inside his camper van, where they discovered the missing girl.

Craig Ross Jr Milton Ny Sex Offender
                                     Charlotte was kidnapped by a person named Craig Ross Jr. (Source: Daily Mail)

Also, the police confirmed that Ross Jr. is not a registered sex offender but has not disclosed a motive for his actions.

After being located, Charlotte was transported to Albany Medical Centre Hospital.

It is believed that investigators primarily concentrate on the hypothesis that Charlotte was forcibly taken into a vehicle or dragged into the woods against her will.

The police issued a statement just after 7 p.m. stating, “Charlotte has been located unharmed and in excellent health.”

Where Is Craig Ross Jr.’s Family Now?

As of when writing and publishing this article, law enforcement has not disclosed the whereabouts or identities of Ross Jr.’s family members.

The Ross family has refrained from stepping forward and providing any statements or perspectives concerning Craig’s actions and misconduct.

The media remains utterly unaware of the identities or any information about Craig’s family.

This situation has left a significant information gap regarding the personal background and connections of the accused individual.

Craig Ross Jr Milton Ny Sex Offender
                                      The nine years old Charlotte was found safe on Monday at 7 p.m. (Source: Daily Mail

Craig has been apprehended, and authorities are actively investigating to uncover the motivations behind his despicable act of kidnapping Charlotte.

Please stay connected to our page to stay informed about the progress and the reasons behind Craig’s criminal actions.

Furthermore, Charlotte’s family and close associates express immense joy and gratitude towards all those who have played a pivotal role in reuniting them with their cherished family member and daughter.

Their appreciation extends to the individuals and efforts that contributed to locating and ensuring the safety of Charlotte.

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