Bong Nebrija WIkipedia Biography – Who Is He? Age Education Background And Instagram

Bong Nebrija WIkipedia

Bong Nebrija Wikipedia Biography- Who is he? Bong Nebrija is known as a challenging and fair enforcer of traffic laws. He is a Philippine traffic officer. 

His full name is Edison Bong Nebrija. Nebrija, a 20-year military man of the Navy, is the leader of this small MMDA unit that was specifically established to remove illegally parked cars from the roads, remove any obstructions from the sidewalks, and stop irresponsible drivers, particularly those who break the most basic traffic law—driving with a valid license.

Bong sets an excellent example for the group, encouraging them to practice good manners and follow the rules of the road. He claims, “The better Manila and the brighter Philippines will be if we have a common level of discipline.”

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Bong Nebrija Wikipedia Biography – Who Is He?

Bong Nebrija is the tough traffic manager of the 23.8-kilometer-long EDSA for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), a military officer who has implemented beneficial and significant changes to the traffic management in one of the busiest, if not the busiest, thoroughfares in the nation.

In March 2022, In anticipation of the increased vehicle traffic, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) appointed traffic officials to new positions.Bong Nebrija was one of them. 

Traffic Operations Officer (TOO) MMDA Chairman Romando Artes appointed Edison Nebrija as the head of the New Task Force Special Operations (TFSO) and Anti-Colorum Unit.

Bong Nebrija WIkipedia
Bong Nebrija doing his duty in rain ( Source: Instagram)

Before, Bong was overseeing the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) Special Traffic and Transport Zone but was replaced by Jeffrey Torres.

Nebrija led the clearing operations to remove various impediments while serving as the Task Force Special Operations (TFSO) director under the late MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim. 

After being promoted, Nebrija was trusted to enforce traffic laws and regulations outside the EDSA stretch and clear Mabuhay Lanes and other busy thoroughfares of traffic problems. 

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Bong Nebrija Age and Education Background

Edison Bong Nebrija joined the Philippine Navy in 1991 after earning his degree from our nation’s esteemed military institution. He is an honored graduate of the Sambisig Class of 1991 from the Philippine Military Academy. 

The officer’s age and other former educational backgrounds are not given in any sources. As soon as we know about his Age and background, we will update you immediately, so keep in touch.

 Bong Nebrija instagram

The traffic officer has 7.7k followers on Facebook and 1.5k followers on Instagram. He usually posts about his daily life and work.  From his Instagram post, we know he is married and has two children, one daughter and one son. 

According to one source, He claims that nearly all of Nebrija’s family reside in the U.S.

Bong Nebrija WIkipedia
Bong Nebrija with his wife ( Source: Instagram)

He must be overseeing the towing of illegally parked automobiles if people need to see him on social media inspecting field staff, conducting media interviews, appearing on speech forums, or attending meetings. 

He also includes arguing with lawmakers about their complicated traffic plans or reprimanding arrogant drivers in his daily routine. 

What follows is unending trolling on social media. 

He claimed his loving wife quickly removed insulting remarks about him from their social media account after noticing them. Bong frequently calls his wife on the phone even though she is overseas. Talking to his dearly cherished wife serves as a means of counseling for him in addition to being soothing. 

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