Is Chris Tyson Wife Katie Tyson Transgender? Family And Wikipedia

Chris Tyson

Chris Tyson Wife: As the news of the American YouTuber’s male-to-female transformation has recently become a major topic on the internet, questions regarding his former wife’s sexuality have also been raised. To learn about his wife’s sexual orientation, family, and life in general, continue reading.

Tyson, a 26-year-old YouTuber from North Carolina, started her channel in 2012. He is a longtime friend of one of the most famous YouTubers in the world, Mr. Beast, and is also his childhood friend.

He is a buddy of MrBeast’s and a fellow YouTube celebrity, and has become increasingly well-known over the past few years. By discussing their experience with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), she, who uses any pronouns, has garnered news.

The Internet personality usually makes an appearance in MrBeast’s viral videos and has amassed a whopping 14 million followers across their social media networks. Their debut appearance was in a 2015 YouTube video.

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Is Chris Tyson Wife Katie Tyson Transgender?

In 2018, Chris married influencer Katie Tyson, fast-forward to March 2023, when happened up about their journey on hormone replacement therapy, announcing that they and Katie had been separated since the summer of 2022.

In an April post, the internet personality shared that they had started HRT, generally used by people who want their bodies to align with their gender identity. This form of hormone therapy is given in one of two types based on whether the goal of treatment is masculinization or feminization.

On November 5, 2020, they came out as bisexual on their alt Twitter account. It came to light when one social media user shared two photos of the YouTuber and asked, “Bro what happened?”


Chris Tyson Wife
“He Has a Beautiful Wife”- Fans Feel Sorry for Chris Tyson Wife Katie Tyson After Their Divorce and Chris’ HRT Transformation (Source: SPORTSMANOR)

Tyson simply quipped, “HRT and it’s only been two months”. Fans across the world have since flooded her with support and thanked her for sharing their open and honest journey with hormone therapy.

So the recent news about his transition also raised questions about the sexuality of their former wife. However, that is not the case. So no, Chris Tyson Wife (former) is not transgender.

Chris Tyson Family 

The YouTube personality was born to Louis Stephen “Steve” Tyson and his mother, who appeared in the Mr. Beast video in the “Try Not to Laugh challenge.” His father was a farmer, and he is known to have worked hard to provide food for his family.

The YouTuber was raised along with his older sister, Sarah Elizabeth Westbrook, who is married to Jordan Westbrook. He shares a great bond with her and has often included her in his YouTube videos and shared pictures of them on his social media handles.

Tucker and Katie’s child, Stephen, was born on June 18, 2020. She frequently discusses how becoming a parent to his son Tucker has drastically influenced his life. In Mr. Beast’s video, he disclosed Tucker’s entire name.

Chris Tyson family
Who are Chris Tyson’s parents? Their attitude toward his gender transformation (Source: Okay Bliss)

The YouTuber tweeted about being a wonderful father to his son. He stated, “I know I’m going to be a great parent, and so is every other person who puts their child’s love before everything.”

He added, “I decided because I wanted to show up as my best and happiest self for him. In a way, this way FOR Tucker,”

Chris Tyson Wikipedia

Christopher Stephen “Chris” Tyson, better known on the internet as Chris, was born on July 1, 1996. She is an American YouTube celebrity best known as the co-host of the MrBeast YouTube channel, appearing in the majority of the videos alongside Jimmy.

They take part in many of MrBeast’s challenges and prank films and are one of the only people who constantly watch the channel. They are also the main hosts of the “Beast Reacts” channel.

The YouTuber grew up in North Carolina and still resides there. She and Jimmy Donaldson founded their channel in 2012, and it has since grown to over 100 million subscribers as of July 30th, 2022.

She is also active on Instagram, where they have 1.9 million followers as of October 2020. She revealed their nails getting done on their Twitter account in March 2022, which represents some of the first evidence of him promoting his feminine features.

Fans noted and commented on their changing appearance from prior videos in the video “$1 vs. $500,000 Plane Ticket!” She stated in a quote tweet regarding their looks that they had been on hormone replacement medication for roughly two months before the video’s release.

They later clarified that they use any pronouns and expressed support for informed, voluntary HRT for gender nonconforming people. They did, however, state that the identity designation they would choose has yet to be revealed.

Chris Tyson Transition
Chris Tyson’s hormone replacement therapy journey (Source: Sportskeeda)

They have two dormant YouTube channels: one with no videos called “ChrisO2” and another with videos called “Tysonboy34_.”

Chris the Meme God is well-known for appearing in numerous videos with Jimmy, such as ridiculous challenge films, videos in which they spend money, and so on.

They also have a Twitch channel called “ChrisO2_,” where they frequently stream alongside other people.

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