Who Are Niko Omilana Sister And Brother? Siblings Partner And Net Worth

Niko Omilana

Internet users are curious about who Niko Omilana Sister is. More of Niko Omilana, Niko has developed a large fan base thanks to his comedic videos, practical jokes, and public experiment videos. Moreover, he founded the NDL Movement (Niko Defence League).

He jokingly entered the 2021 race for mayor of London. But it was a huge surprise when with nearly 50,000 votes, or a two percent share, he still managed to finish in fifth position. Five percent of the ballots were occasionally anticipated for him in polls conducted before the election.

In addition, Niko was a previous team member at Buzzfeed before becoming wildly popular on the YouTube site. Niko currently participates in numerous videos with other creators as part of the Beta Squad Series on YouTube.

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Niko Omilana Siblings: Does He Have A Sister And Brother? 

As for Niko Omilana’s siblings, he has two sisters. On the contrary, their names must still be revealed in the media.

There are a few pictures of Niko posing with his family members. He seems to be the elder brother. We shall learn more about them once they feel comfortable enough to come into the spotlight.

Niko Omilana Sister
Niko Omilana is posing with two of his sisters. Their names and whereabouts are yet to be revealed. (Source: Famous People)

In addition, to Niko Omilana’s life, he was banned from participating in future events by DAZN after breaking into the ring during a boxing battle between the YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

After posting a video of himself visiting a KFC farm, Niko Omilana sparked criticism against himself and the fast food chain. Then, animal rights campaigners criticized the footage for exaggerating the circumstances on the farms.

Omilana has also worked with high-profile celebrities in his videos because of his popularity on social media. Making prank videos with models and including UK rapper Stormzy in his “Cringe Grime Kids” video are examples of this.

Who Is Niko Omilana Partner?

From his social profile and the news, Niko Omilana is single and has no partner. Likewise, no details of his past relationships are stated to the media.

On the other hand, at 13, he started his YouTube channel, Niko Omilana, on June 21, 2011. He became well-known for posting practical jokes, parodies, and vlog entries.

Niko Omilana Sister
Nick Omilana, a YouTube prankster, entered the ring for the KSI battle by posing as a large beverage bottle. (Source: Famous People)

He launched the “Beta Squad” YouTube channel at the beginning of 2019 alongside the YouTubers Chunkz, Sharky, AJ Shabeel, and Kenny. The track has now racked up over 2 million subscribers.

What Is Niko Omilana Net Worth?

According to the source, ladbible, Niko Omilana has a net worth of over $600,000. Since he is still active in his field, we shall learn more about his increasing net worth over time.

Likewise, Niko Omilana is also highly active on his socials. To further elaborate, Omilana is a verified user on his Instagram with over 1.9 million followers, along with 71 posts made so far. His handle name is @niko.

He also has a Twitter account where his handle name is @NikoOmilana. He has over 909.4 thousand followers, along with 25.4 thousand tweets. He has the hashtag #TakeBackOwerStreats on his Twitter bio. He initially joined the platform way back in the year 2010 and has been active ever since.

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