Who Are Audrey Hale Parents Norma And Ron? Boyfriend Ethnicity And Gender

Audrey Hale

The tragic school shooting in Nashville has shocked many people, with questions arising about Audrey Hale parents. Audrey, the perpetrator of the shooting, took the lives of six children and adults.

Audrey Hale, a former student at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, identified as a transgender woman. He recently made headlines for shooting in his former school.

According to online social media profiles, Hale preferred to use he/him pronouns and worked as a commercial illustrator.

Who Are Audrey Hale Parents?

Audrey, who carried out the shooting, was born to parents from different professional backgrounds.

His mother, Norma, is employed at a nearby church, while his Father, Ron, runs his own business. He used to live with his parents at his home. 

On the other hand, Audrey pursued his passion for art and graduated from Nossi College of Art.

Audrey Hale Parents
Audrey Hale (Source: The Sun)

Despite his education, he worked as a shopper for Shipt, a well-known grocery delivery service, before the shooting incident.

On Monday, a massive shooting occurred at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Three of the victims were children, and the other three were adults. Six people lost their lives as a result of the shooting.

The shooter was identified as Audrey, a former school student from Nashville.

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Audrey Hale Boyfriend

According to reports, Audrey arrived at the school premises in a Honda Fit and gained entry by firing through one of the locked doors.

Once inside, he proceeded to open Fire on the ground floor before moving to the second floor of the building.

Police were alerted to the incident and rushed to the scene.

As they arrived, Audrey opened Fire on them from the second floor, hitting one of the Police cars’ windshields.

Audrey Hale
Police reveal pictures showing where Hale shot into the school (Source: The Sun)

During the incident, glass splinters caused injury to one of the officers.

Authorities acted swiftly and entered the building, engaging Audrey in a firefight that ended with him being shot dead at 10:27.

Police recovered three guns from the scene, including a semi-automatic rifle.

The victims of the tragic shooting have been identified as Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney, all of whom were students aged nine or under at Covenant School.

Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak, and Mike Hill were the names of the adults who were killed in the attack. All of them died.

The community has been left in shock and mourning, with officials urging anyone with information that could help the investigation to come forward.

Audrey Hale Ethnicity And Gender

Audrey is a 28-year-old transgender woman. According to online social media profiles, Hale preferred to use he/him pronouns.

Police fatally shot him after a devastating incident.

Audrey’s actions, which resulted in the loss of innocent lives, left everyone stunned and heartbroken.

He had entered the school premises with an AR-style handgun and opened Fire randomly, killing six people.

audrey hale
Nashville school shooting – Six killed by Audrey Hale (Source: BBC)

The victims of this senseless act of violence included adults and children, leaving behind grief and devastation.

The shooting at the Covenant School has sent shockwaves through the community and left many in mourning.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the reason behind the attack and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

As the investigation continues, authorities are working to bring closure to the victims’ families and justice to those affected by this senseless act of violence.

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