Where Is Tyler Hardy Missing Child – What Happened? Case Details Explained

Tyler Hardy

Tyler Hardy Missing Child has been the most searched topic on the internet as people are curious to know more about the case. This article will also provide you with insight on the case details.

A child named Tyler was reported missing by his father in 2017. Around 70,000 people are reported missing in England.

We have come across a missing child report now, and while many have been reported to be found alive, others are still missing.

However, the case of Tyler Hardy’s missing child was a unique one, and many have been talking about it recently on social media platforms.

Moreover, social media has significantly influenced how we consume news about famous people, events, and crises. This article will provide you with insight into this unique missing child case.

Where Is Tyler Hardy Missing Child – What Happened?

The news of a child named Tyler Hardy who was reported to be missing grabbed the attention of many people on the internet. And many are curious to know what happened to him.

In 2017, a man named John from Macclesfield reported that his son Tyler Hardy, who was five and a half years old, had been missing.

As per the reports, the father of the missing child claimed that he did not see his son for two years because his ex-partner did not allow him to meet him.

Tyler Hardy missing child
Tracey was given a two-year jail term in April 2022 after entering a guilty plea to charges of fraud and perverting the course of justice. (Source: Daily mail)

John reported his son missing as there was no trace of him, and he was worried if something terrible happened to him.

Later during the investigation, the police officer found out that the missing child was actually not his own son; in fact, his ex-girlfriend tricked him by pretending they had a son.

Moreover, it seems like Tyler is with his biological parents and has relocated to another place. Thus, John’s ex-partner did not allow him to meet his child.

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Tyler Hardy Missing Child – Case Details Explained

A few years ago, an interesting child missing case was reported in Macclesfield, England. In 2017, a child named Tyler was reported missing by his father.

Later, it was discovered that the child John really loved and cared for did not even exist. In fact, it was his ex-partner’s friend’s son.

Tracey Hardy, John’s ex-partner, had tricked him into believing that Tyler was their son for the past five and a half years.

As per the reports, the former couple met through a dating website and dated for almost three years before their separation. However, John’s ex-partner was not ready for the separation and wanted him to be part of her life.

Tyler Hardy
John was devastated after finding out that Tyler Hardy was not his own son. (Source: Daily Mail)

After which, she faked a pregnancy and told the man that it was their child and that she wanted child support in order to raise the child.

In addition, in an act of revenge, the woman claimed the boy belonged to her friend and was their own son. After a few years, she cut off John from meeting the child, which led him to report the child missing after not being able to see him for two years.

Given that Hardy denied ever having a son, the initial police suspicions were that the child had either been murdered or kidnapped or that John was hallucinating.

However, they learned from Hardy’s teenage daughter that the little boy was the son of Tracey’s friend, whom John thought was his own the whole time.

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