Meet Chris Kenny Wife Sunita Kenny Relationship Timeline And Family Details

Chris Kenney

Chris Kenny Wife: The Australian conservative political commentator, is happily married to his wife, Sunita Kenny, and the couple shares a contented family life with their two sons.

Chris Kenny, a former political advisor and now Australian conservative political commentator, is known for his role as a columnist for The Australian newspaper and host of The Kenny Report, a current affairs program on Sky News Australia.

Although he initially studied wildlife and park management in South Australia and worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a fire spotter and park assistant, he later changed his field to journalism and earned a BA degree in 1984.

The author is also known for his passion for Australian rules football, having played for SANFL clubs Norwood and West Adelaide. In November 2019, it was revealed that he would be one of the 20 members of the Senior Advisory Group.

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Meet Chris Kenny Wife Sunita Kenny And Relationship Timeline

Although Chris is known for his work in politics and journalism, little is known about his personal life. Despite this, his social media presence suggests that he is happily married to a woman named Sunita Kenny.

The couple got married after he proposed to her on top of a hill in 2009, as he revealed on Twitter in 2011. According to his social media accounts, he is a loving and attentive partner who takes his wife on dates regularly.

Chris Kenny wife and Sunita
A photo from Chris and Sunita’s wedding day (Source: Daily Telegraph)

He has also made several references to Sunita on Twitter, indicating that he places great importance on his family life in addition to his career.

Chris and Sunita are proud parents to two sons, Isaac and James, who add to their happy family life.

Although the father of two is private about his personal life, it is clear from his social media that he values his wife and children and enjoys spending time with them.

Chris Kenny Family Details

Born on September 28, 1962, the political commentator, “Chris” is related to several other notable figures in the Australian political sphere.

Mark Kenny, a political journalist, is his cousin, and he supported his sister, Therese, during her unsuccessful bid as the Liberal candidate for Torrens in the 2018 South Australian state election.

Despite this information, little is known about his parents, as there is no available information about them.

Chris Kenny and hsi sister
Chris Kenny helped his sister Therese on Campaign. (Source: Twitter)

Despite this, the commentator has made a name for himself by offering outspoken opinions on a variety of political issues. He has been a frequent guest on news programs and has gained significant supporters all over Australia.

While his family details may be a mystery, his political views have certainly made an impact on the public discourse in Australia.

Chris Kenny Career 

After starting his career at the Murray Pioneer in Renmark, this individual went on to hold various journalism roles, including working for Adelaide newspaper The News, ABC’s The 7.30 Report, Channel 10, and Channel 9 in Adelaide.

He also wrote columns for The Advertiser, Sunday Mail, and Adelaide Review at some point, although the exact timing is unknown.

In 2000, he became the Director of Strategic Communications for South Australian Liberal Premier John Olsen, then served as chief of staff to Olsen’s successor, Rob Kerin.

He was appointed media advisor to Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in 2002 and later became his chief of staff in 2006.

After the Australian conservative political commentator worked as a journalist for various newspapers and television networks, he was appointed Director of Strategic Communications for South Australian Liberal Premier John Olsen in 2000 before becoming chief of staff to Olsen’s successor, Rob Kerin.

Chris Kenny
Chris Kenny says relaxing with family and welcoming friends for raucous dinners, barbies, and catch-ups is always welcome at his residence (Source: Daily Telegraph)

He was later recruited as chief of staff to then-opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull in 2009 but resigned after Turnbull lost the Liberal leadership to Tony Abbott later that year.

After leaving Turnbull’s office, the author wrote opinion pieces for The Australian and ABC’s The Drum and appeared as a commentator on Sky News.

Since 2013, he has hosted Viewpoint and The Kenny Report on Sky News, and he is currently a columnist for The Australian. He has also appeared on various television programs, including Insiders and Q&A.

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