Where Is Lauren Heike Murderer Zion William Teasley? Arrest And Charge

Lauren Heike

Lauren Heike Murderer has been arrested by the Police and is charged with first-degree murder. Read the article to find more details.

The esthetician Lauren Heike, who was 29 years old and originally from Washington, had recently moved to the Phoenix area from that state.

Before she was murdered on April 28, Heike was out hiking on a desert route close to East Libby Street and North 65th Place when she was attacked and killed.

Her body was discovered on a public hiking route in a remote desert over the weekend. People in the area and her family were shocked to hear about Lauren’s sudden death.

Where Is Lauren Heike Murderer Zion William Teasley?

Zion William Teasley, the man arrested for the murder of Heike, is currently in custody. He has been arrested and charged with murder in the first degree.

Around 6:30 pm on Thursday, he was taken into custody at his flat near Scottsdale and Bell roads. The location is less than a mile from the trail where Heike’s body was discovered.

Lauren Heike Murderer
Lauren Heike Murderer Zion William Teasley is charged with first-degree murder (Source: azfamily)

Teasley was identified as the suspect in Heike’s murder through DNA evidence, and it has been reported that he allegedly stabbed her multiple times.

During Teasley’s first court appearance, officials said that there were signs that he planned to kill Heike. And he was a possible flight risk because he had a plane ticket to Detroit ready to go.

The investigation is ongoing, and more information may emerge as the case progresses.

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Lauren Heike Murderer Arrest And Charge

The murder of Lauren, a 29-year-old woman found dead along a hiking trail in northeast Phoenix, sent shockwaves through the community.

However, just a week after discovering her body, Police released camera footage of a man they believed to be the murder suspect.

The man, seen sprinting in a desert area, was described as standing between 5 feet, 8 inches, and 6 feet, wearing dark clothing and carrying a backpack.

Soon after the footage was released, the suspect was identified as Zion William Teasley, who was later charged with first-degree murder.

Lauren Heike Murderer
Police placing handcuffs on the Lauren Heike Murderer during the arrest (Source: NY Post)

According to state sentences records, Teasley had been released six months after pleading guilty to multiple felonies as part of a plea deal.

Teasley’s previous arrest in 2020, where he faced charges of third-degree burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, and disorderly conduct, was also detailed by prosecutors.

However, Teasley took a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to armed robbery, disorderly conduct, and robbery. In exchange, ten charges – several more severe felonies – were dropped.

The motive behind Lauren Heike’s murder remains unknown, but Teasley’s previous criminal record suggests a pattern of violent behavior.

Lauren Heike case details

Lauren tragically lost her life while out for a hike on Friday morning. Her body was discovered on April 29 along a trail in North Phoenix, close to Mayo Boulevard and Scottsdale Road.

According to Phoenix Police Homicide Lt. James Hester, Heike was fatally attacked from behind while hiking on the trail at around 10 am that day.

At this time, the officials have not said what caused her death, but it was told that her body showed signs of trauma.

Lauren Heike
Lauren Heike body was found along a trail in North Phoenix (Source: Twitter)

It is thought that Heike was in a location that would not have been easily visible to other hikers on the trail when the attack occurred.

It was disclosed that Heike had recently moved into her apartment before the incident.

The tragic loss of Heike has shaken the North Phoenix community, leaving many in mourning and others concerned for their safety.

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