Jeff Wittek Accident And Injury Details, What Happened? Case Details

Jeff Wittek

The well-known Youtuber Jeff Wittek accident made headlines back in 2020. He injured his face and head after being hung around by a rope attached to an excavator.

Jeff is a multi-talented American YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster who has significantly impacted the digital entertainment industry.

He is known for his famous TV show Jeff’s Barbershop, and his entertaining podcast, Jeff FM.

He appeared on the reality TV show Bad Girls Club during Season 5. He caught viewers’ attention as the crush of one of the contestants, Erica.

In 2011, Wittek took his talent to YouTube and started his channel, showcasing acting sessions, hairstyle tutorials, and personal vlogs. Over the years, his channel has amassed an impressive 3.1 million subscribers.

However, his move to 1600 Vine, a renowned Hollywood apartment building known for housing internet celebrities, truly catapulted Wittek’s career.

Building on his success, he ventured into hosting his online talk show, Jeff’s Barbershop, in 2019. The show quickly gained a loyal following, allowing him to secure partnerships and collaborations with major brands.

Jeff Wittek Accident And Injury Details, What Happened? 

In June 2020, a shocking incident occurred while filming a stunt involving Jeff, David Dobrik, and the famous Vlog Squad in Utah.

This ill-fated stunt resulted in Wittek suffering severe injuries to his face and skull. The mishap occurred when Dobrik, violating regulations, operated an excavator in a shallow lake while the YouTuber swung on a rope tied to the excavator’s arm.

Tragically, Dobrik turned the rope too fast, causing him to collide with the excavator and drop into the water with his foot caught in the rope, leaving him upside down.

The consequences of this accident were devastating, with Wittek enduring fractures in nine places on his skull, a fractured eye socket, a broken hip and foot, and torn ligaments in his leg.

Jeff Wittek Accident
Jeff Wittek accident: He got injured after being hung on a rope tied to an excavator. (Source: Instagram)

Astonishingly, despite these grave injuries, he continued filming his popular series, Jeff’s Barbershop, without openly addressing the extent of his physical suffering.

In April 2021, a docuseries titled “Don’t Try This at Home” was released, shedding light on the events surrounding the incident. But it wasn’t until June 2022 that a big change happened.

It was revealed that the podcaster had filed a lawsuit against David Dobrik, seeking a staggering $10 million in damages related to the 2020 accident.

Although the lawsuit does not explicitly outline the specifics of his numerous injuries, it does mention his potential risk of losing his eye, a matter heavily emphasized in his 2021 docuseries, which is now included in the legal proceedings.

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Jeff Wittek Case Details

Jeff and his team worked with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad to film a stunt.

At the beginning of the video, the Vlog Squad goes flying for the first time. Everyone talks about how scared and excited they are.

David describes how they can operate an excavator even though it is in the middle of a lake. The original plan was for them to hold on to an inflated raft as the machine spun them around.

However, when Wittek’s turn arrived, fate took an unexpected turn. Instead of holding on to the raft, he hung dangerously from a rope controlled by the machinery.

Leaked footage of the unfortunate incident captures the heart-stopping moment when Wittek collides with the crane and plunges into the water, leaving his friends to call for medical assistance immediately.

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek accident: The YouTuber in hospital removing plates out of his eye. (Source: Instagram)

In the aftermath, David Dobrik, in an interview, expressed guilt, stressing that his intentions were never to cause harm to the YouTuber.

Despite this, Wittek openly expressed his frustration and disappointment with Dobrik, stating on his Jeff FM podcast, “I’m done being fake friends with that motherf—.”

He also said that his former friend had not kept in touch with him or shown any care after the accident, leaving him with a severe injury that could have made him blind.

When he revealed his side of the story, he referred to a deeper story, suggesting there was more to the situation than Dobrik’s silence after the event.

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