Where Is Francine Stepp Now, How Old Is She? Case Details And Victim Identity

Francine Stepp Now

Francine Stepp Now in jail as the court sentenced her to life imprisonment. Francine is a murderer who killed her parents during her teenage.

On the 8th of June, 1988, the police department of Stillwater received a report about a murder at Stepp’s house. When the official arrived, they saw Francine crying and claiming her parents got killed.

While investigating the main bedroom, the police met a horrific scene where Mark and Dolores died. The body of Dolores was lying on the floor, and the body of Mark was on the bed. Both victims seemed like they had been shot and stabbed.

The robbery case was ruled out because the officers did not find a single sign of forced entry, meaning the victims knew the murderer closely.

Later the police officers discovered that the knife used for killing Dolores was a kitchen knife. And also found .22 caliber bullets on the wall of the bedroom.

The police also found two different footprints on a rug, which indicated that there were two perpetrators.

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Where Is Francine Stepp Now? How Old Is She?

Francine Stepp was taken to court and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Stepp pleaded guilty to both counts. According to her plea, the court ordered Francine Stepp to lifetime imprisonment in 1988.

Francine Stepp Now
An image of Francine Stepp. (Source: Stillwater News Press)

After spending over a decade in jail, her name came up for parole multiple times in 2003, 2006, and 2009. However, Francine denied all the parole every time. She is incarcerated in the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center located at McLoud, Oklahoma.

The sources claimed that she was 18 when committing the crime, and the murder was held in 1988. So, her current age is most probably 53 years old.

Francine Stepp Case Details

After the police went for the investigation in Stepp’s residence and saw the horrific incident, and with some hints and clues, they started an investigation into Francine. While questioning her about the incident, she claimed she stayed overnight at a friend’s house.

Francine Stepp Now
A snapshot of Francine Stepp’s partner Cindy Sue Wynn from the crime documentary Snapped. (Source: IMDb)

While returning from Cindy Sue Wynn’s place in the morning, she found her parents murdered. Cindy and Francine were in the same neighborhood, and although having different personalities, they were close friends.

During the questioning session, Cindy wanted a lawyer but immediately started backing Francine’s alibi. After investigation, the police department discovered that Mark and Dolores were stringent parents.

And they assumed Francine was stifled by her parents and had no freedom in her teenage days, which built years of discontent and hatred for the parents.

In all this concluding clear motive to commit murder, the officers started looking for her whereabouts and asked if there were any possible witnesses.

After much questioning and investigation, Francine finally told the authorities that she and her friend Cindy were involved in the crime.

She also said that Cindy did not commit the murders but helped her dispose of evidence and the murder weapon. With the confession, the police finally arrested both in charge of murder.

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Francine Stepp Victim Identity

The Victims of Francine Step’s case of murder were her parents, the father, Mark Stepp, and mother, Dolores Stepp. Mark and Dolores were a happily married couple having a comfortable and desirable life.

Francine Stepp Now
A photograph of Francine Stepp with her parents. (Source: Meaww)

The couple moved to Stillwater from Wisconsin in 1979. They had a daughter named Francine. Mark and Dolores had a military background; however, Mark worked as a powerplant technician, and Dolores worked as an accounting supervisor.

The Stepp family were known for being rigorous parents while parenting a child, yet the outsider’s eyes seemed the family was picture perfect.

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