What Happened To Boom P? Melo From Respect Life Death Cause

Boom P

What Happened To Boom P? Boom P, Melo from Respect Life, recently died from a drug overdose.

Boom Pacino, also known as “Melo,” was a well-known director and producer. The producer directed and acted on the show “Respect Life” back in 2017 on BlackTree TV. Through this show, he gained a lot of recognition and support from the people.

Melo was also a  talented rapper locally recognized in the early 2000s and was inspired by Brooklyn-based prominent rappers like Jay Z and Biggy. The rapper has also released some mix tapes and hip-hop DVDs.

Some of the noteworthy albums released by him are “Storm Before The Reign,” ” The Talk of New York,” and “Made In America.”

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What happened to Boom P?

Boom p was from Brooklyn, New York, and had spent most of his life in that city. He used to be an underrated artist before setting his foot on YouTube and starting to create content for the show “Respect Life.”

The actor was rumored to be suffering from mental health issues. Due to this, he was on an extended hiatus from the show for many months. Pacino was seen by some of his fans in a supermarket looking messy and uncomfortable.


Boom with his Respect Life crew members (Source: Instagram)

There is also a rumor that some of his companions from the show got him addicted to substances on purpose. This directly led to his mental health problems. Because of his narcotics addiction as well as his mental health issues, many fans were worried about the state of his health.

Melo From Respect Life Death Cause

The hip-hop rapper was an inspiring young man who had helped many talented underground artists to make their careers in the music industry. He helped them showcase their talent through his show “Respect Life.”

Boom on his Instagram posted his picture captioning #RespectLife (Source: Instagram)

Many fans were looking forward to his comeback, as it had been a long since he appeared on the show last time. Moreover, He was the fan’s favorite cast among all the cast members of the show.

The music artist was only 35 years old when he unexpectedly passed away on Monday, February 7th, 2023. The cause of his untimely death was reported to be a drug overdose.

Traces of drugs like cocaine, opioids, and BZD were found in his system. More information about his death is yet to be revealed to the public.

Laila Rose Daughter Of Boom P

The Hip Hop rapper has a small daughter name, Laila Rose. She was born on December 13th,2013. He loved her very dearly and was very affectionate towards her.

Apart From Laila, it is speculated to have other kids too. Even so, little is known about their names or other information.


Boom with his daughter Laila Rose (Source: Instagram)

However, his untimely death has caused sorrow among his friends, family, and fans. This also reminds us that we should watch our loved ones for their well-being.

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