Rapper Dougie B Arrested – Is He In Jail? Real Name And Family

Dougie B

Rapper Dougie B Arrested has been trending on the internet. Numerous fans are speculating about the reason for the arrest. For more information regarding the arrest, please read the article below.

Dougie B is a highly acclaimed American rapper and musical artist who has gained immense recognition for his incredible tracks, including the popular hits “Shake It,” “Forever on That,” “EBK,” and many others.

With his infectious beats and captivating lyrics, Dougie has garnered a devoted fan base and established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry.

His journey to success has been marked by a series of chart-topping singles that have left an indelible mark on the music scene. Songs such as “Forever On That,” “I’m Back,” and “Keep It 100” have not only connected with fans but have also established Dougie B as a prominent figure in the rap music scene.

Dougie creates captivating music in various styles, collaborating with renowned artists and producing solo work.

He has collaborated with Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Kodak Black, Dave East, and G Herbo.

Dougie, a former music producer, has extensive music industry experience. Initially, he pursued a career in rapping but later transitioned into producing.

Rapper Dougie B Arrested – Is He In Jail?

According to the Hot new hip hop site, Rapper Dougie B found himself again in trouble as the NYPD officers apprehended him on the evening of May 11.

There are not much is known about the incident. Only a short video clip showed when the Police officers walked the rapper to a Police car.

The reason for his arrest has not been revealed, which has left his fans and the public wondering about the details of this legal incident.

However, the rapper is not in jail because he has recently posted on Instagram stories and posts. 

Dougie B Arrested
Dougie B Arrested: After arguing in the Bronx Supreme Court parking lot on March 31, 2022, rapper Dougie B was arrested. (Source: NY Post)

Dougie B had previous encounters with law enforcement before this recent arrest. In April 2022, the rapper was taken into custody outside a courthouse in the Bronx following reports of gunfire.

According to the Police, the rapper was allegedly involved in a heated dispute with a group of men at the E. 161st St. parking lot after a car collision. Unluckily, the situation worsened, and gunshots were fired without hurting anyone.

It was a coincidence that Dougie got arrested one day after filming a music video with Cardi B in the lively Boogie Down neighborhood.

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Dougie B Real Name 

Arion Howard, also known as Dougie B, is a prominent American Drill rapper who has significantly impacted the music industry.

Dougieb___ has an Instagram following of over 568k fans. He shares his music, his concerts, and the lively parties he attends.

Dougie B
Dougie B real name is Arion Howard (Source: Instagram)

At first, Dougie pursued a career as a rapper, impressing audiences with his exceptional lyrics and distinct style. Later, he pursued making music and showed he could create interesting beats.

In addition to his success on Instagram, the rapper maintains a successful presence on YouTube. His channel boasts an impressive subscriber count of 110,000, a testament to his dedicated fan base.

Since its start on January 19, 2011, Dougie’s YouTube channel has garnered over 23 million views. This platform allows him to release his captivating music videos and songs, which consistently amass millions of views.

Dougie B Family

Dougie B grew up in a big family in The Bronx. Unfortunately, his life changed when he lost his Father at the young age of 15.

Even though he experienced a loss, Dougie B cherishes the memories of his Father’s love for music, specifically the works of influential artists like Nas and Jay Z, which significantly impacted his own artistic journey.

Dougie B
Dougie B performing at Summer Jam 2022 (Source: Instagram)

While attending elementary school in Yonkers, he developed a keen interest in music. He began engaging himself in the works of renowned artists like Scarface, Biggie, Tupac, and KRS-One, further fueling his passion.

During his teenage years, Dougie was fortunate to be exposed to his uncle’s program, Music Development for the Youth.

During that time, he learned about the creative process of making a song and how the studio equipment functions. This experience ignited his passion for producing music, leading him to create his first beat.

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