What Happened To Ryan Sickler? Surgery And Health Update

Ryan Sickler

What happened to Ryan Sickler? Ryan recently underwent back surgery, which is why fans are worried about his health.

Ryan is an American music artist, stand-up comedian and writer.

Comedian Sickler enrolled and graduated from primary schooling in a local elementary school or his High School education, additionally joined a home town based high school.

Sickler graduated from Towson University in the United States with a degree in Mass Communication.

In April 2006, Ryan joined YouTube, and as of 2024, he has around 178k subscribers, and his first posted video was named ‘Cultman.’

In 2009, he worked alongside co-host Jay Larson and started his career in Podcast named CrabFeast.

American actor Ryan invited different guests who would feature comics on the show to narrate the stories. However, in 2018, his team announced to end of the show due to other projects they were working on.

Ryan introduced the Honeydew in late December 2018.

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What Happened To Ryan Sickler? Back Surgery Update

On his Twitter account, Ryan tweeted about his second emergency surgery experience and thanked everyone for their love, laughs and prayers.

On January 5, there was a post to Ryan’s Instagram post. He posted a picture of him wearing a hospital patient gown and captioned it as “After 35 years of pain, I’m finally getting a backiotomy! See y’all on the other side! Hopefully…”

The term backatomy usually refers to a surgical procedure aiming to change a patient’s anatomy.

Ryan Sickler
Ryan Sickler is in the hospital, getting ready for his backiotomy operation. (Source: Instagram)

 Still, according to his Instagram post, we can say that he was suffering from pain and underwent an operation theater to get rid of the pain.

He suffered from severe pain for 35 years, and after thinking, he underwent a section. 

On January 11, there was another post in Ryan’s Instagram where he posted a picture of him in the hospital and captioned it as “Verified Update: Back in the hospital for another surgical procedure in the morning. None of this was supposed to happen. Fun times #setback”

According to the post, Ryan did not expect a second surgical treatment following his first enucleation. Maybe the first incision did not go well and as planned.

Ryan Health Issues Explored

After undergoing two surgeries in just five days, the doctor admitted Ryan to the hospital for nearly a month. The surgery was meant to be simple and be a three-hour outpatient back procedure.

In his Instagram post, Ryan gave a health update saying there was some complication in the original procedure of his operation.

Because of the complication of the first operation, he had to go through a second emergency incision.

Additionally, while recovering from the second resection, Ryan developed a massive pulmonary embolism in both lungs.

Ryan Sickler
Ryan Sickler underwent a second surgical treatment after complications with his first operation. (Source: Instagram)

After staying nearly a month in the hospital, Ryan discharges from the hospital as he was recovering and doing well.

Ryan’s post on January 27 was his last post on Instagram related to his health update, giving detailed information about what had happened when he was hospitalized.

Sickler is a strong man with a strong will as he overcame the problematic situation and fought back to become healthy.

As of May, 2024, there is no information about Ryan’s health condition and how he has been doing after getting discharged from the hospital. 

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