What Happened To Armando Bacot? Ankle Injury Update And Net Worth Explored

What Happened To Armando Bacot

What happened to Armando Bacot? is the most repeated question asked by his anxious fans, after he exited the game against Boston College, due to an ankle injury. Read the article to know more about his injury.

Armando is an American college basketball player who plays as a Center for the North Carolina Tar Heels of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

During his high school career was a highly acknowledged player and was also ranked as a top 25 player in the 2019 class by various recruiting services. He was also the ACC Player of the Year.

Bacot is known for his physicality and toughness in his post, as well as his ability to finish around the rim. He is also a strong rebounder and shot blocker, and he is considered to be an important player for the Heels.

What Happened To Armando Bacot?

The Tar Heels Power forward suffered an ankle injury while he was playing against Boston College in the Tar Heel’s opening game of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

With only 4:34 minutes remaining in the first half Bacot went for a rebound but he rolled his ankle when he landed, he sadly needed to be departed. As Bacot returned to the locker room UNC was in the lead, 39-23. His injury could potentially hamper the team’s performance.

What Happened To Armando Bacot
Armando Bacot went to the sideline hopping on his right leg after injuring himself. (Source: newsobserver )

Sadly this is not the first time he got injured, he injured his same ankle while he was playing against the University of Virginia on Jan 10, and he went down in the opening two minutes.

During his game against Boston, he did not return to Tuesday’s game and left the stadium on crutches. It remains to be seen how long Bacot will be benched due to his ankle as Davis has not provided an update.

Davis just said, ” I know he’s really in a lot of pain because, in those situations throughout his career, he usually gets back out there on the floor.”

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Armando Bacot Ankle Injury Update

Bacot collapsed to the floor in pain following a play when Boston College recorded a steal in the first half of UNC’s ACC Tournament game at the Greensboro Coliseum. The play was stopped for a moment after the Eagles scored and the Heel’s center hopped to the bench on his right leg.

After being examined by the team’s staff, Armando walked with difficulty toward the locker room. he returned to the floor couple of minutes after the second half, he was even appraised by his fans. This time he played very cautiously without playing forcefully and made only a few shots.

What Happened To Armando Bacot
Fans welcome Armando in the second half. (Source: Twitter)

He scored his first bucket of the game in the second half, although his movement was restricted. He said to ESPN after the game,” It was a must-win. I didn’t want to leave it out there with them to have a chance to come back. So I told the coaches, I told Doug, I told Jonas, I give them a good four to six minutes to just give us a bump and then, we ended up coming out, getting a good enough lead to where I could sit out.”

Bacot will be playing against the Callivers in the quarterfinals. Jonas and Doug said they will figure out something he says,” just a lot of ice, pool work, needles, all kind of stuff like that.”

Armando Bacot Net Worth

Armando has a net worth which is estimated to be approximately 5 million dollars, which is a remarkable achievement for a young player that he got through hard work and determination. His primary source of income is from playing leagues and tournaments, but he also gathers some income from brand promotion and collaboration.

What Happened To Armando Bacot
Armando becomes an ambassador for Crocs. ( Source Instagram)

Bacot is a rising basketball star who has made his name due to his exceptional gameplay. He has an average of 16.5 points and 10.8 rebounds. He has also scored 20+ points in 5 consecutive games before he got injured.

The center forward has no doubt worked hard to get here in this position. He has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his skills ad has shown a level of discipline and focus that is very rare to find in someone so young and talented. His net worth is the reflection of his talent and dedication. In addition, his net worth will most probably increase even more as he moves forward.

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