Meet Patty Gasso Son JT And DJ, Family And Net Worth 2023

Patty Gasso

Softball enthusiasts are eager to know more about Patty Gasso son, JT, and DJ, who have achieved their success in the softball world while following in their mother’s footsteps.

Patricia Marie Gasso, famously known as Patty Gasso, is an accomplished American softball coach for the Oklahoma Sooners. She has held the position of head softball coach at the University of Oklahoma since 1995.

With an impressive career record of 1,452–345–2 and a winning percentage of .808, Gasso has established herself as one of the most successful collegiate softball coaches.

She has led the Sooners to six national championships (2000, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2021, and 2022) and has taken them to the Women’s College World Series fourteen times.

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Meet Patty Gasso Son JT and DJ

Patty has two sons named JT and DJ Gasso, both of whom have followed in their mother’s footsteps. JT, the eldest son, serves as an assistant softball coach for the Oklahoma Sooners in the NCAA.

He joined the OU coaching staff in 2015 and primarily works with the outfielders and the team’s offense. JT holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science from East Central University and a master’s degree in arts from the University of Oklahoma.

He played a significant role in creating one of the most successful offenses in the country during the 2019 season.

DJ, Gasso’s younger son, is currently the associate head softball coach at the University of Utah. He joined the Utah staff as the hitting coach in June 2020 after working as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma.

Patty Gasso Son JT and DJ
Patty Gasso Son, JT, and DJ are following in the footsteps of their mother. (Source: FCA)

DJ completed his associate degree in general studies from Hutchinson Community College, earned his bachelor’s degree in science from Bradley University, and obtained his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma.

In addition to his coaching career, he is actively involved in volunteering for organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Vs. Cancer Foundation, and AdoptAClassroom.

Patty Gasso Family

Patty and Jim Gasso are happily married, and both have a strong passion for sports. They met while attending Long Beach State University, where Jim played football and Patty played softball.

Their shared love for sports brought them together, and they both studied physical education.

Currently, Jim owns Intensity Sports Training Academy in Norman, Oklahoma. Before that, he worked as an assistant coach for the Bishop McGuinness baseball team and also helped train Patty’s softball team.

Patty Gasso Family
Family portrait of Patty Gasso with her family members. (Source: Twitter)

His wife’s support and involvement in the sports world have been extremely valuable to his coaching career.

On June 21, 1986, Patty and Jim got married, and they have built a family that is supportive and focused on sports. They both share a deep appreciation for athletics and have encouraged their children to pursue softball.

The couple has established a setting that encourages development, achievement, and a great appreciation for the sports world, as their family has a strong foundation in a love of sports.

Patty Gasso Net Worth 2023

Gasso’s amazing success as a softball coach has brought her not just praise but also a lot of fortune. In 2023, she became the highest-paid college softball coach in the United States.

Since her team won the national championship for the sixth time in 2022, the coach got a contract extension until 2028, which is a record-breaking deal.

Marie’s salary each year is a whopping $1.625 million, and she also gets additional rewards for her achievements. This makes her the second-highest-paid coach in softball and baseball. Her contract includes a base salary of $300,000, with an extra $825,000 coming from private sources.

Patty Gasso Net Worth
Coach Patty Gasso has won six national championships. (Source: EIS)

On top of that, the basketball coach receives a bonus of $200,000 and other benefits for staying with the team. She also has a retirement plan with extra income, and if the Sooners win another national championship, she’ll get a bonus of $150,000.

These big financial rewards show how extraordinary her coaching career has been and how respected she is as one of the greatest coaches in college softball history.

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