Damien Hardwick Kids: Isabelle Hardwick, Benjamin Hardwick And Imogen Hardwick

Damien Hardwick Kids

Who are Damien Hardwick Kids, Isabelle, Benjamin and Imogen Hardwick? Is the football coach married at the moment?

Damien Patrick Hardwick is a prominent figure in the world of Australian rules football. He boasts an illustrious career as both a player and coach, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Hardwick played 207 AFL games as a skilled defender for Essendon and Port Adelaide, earning premierships with both clubs.

However, his legacy extends far beyond his playing days. In 2010, he assumed the role of head coach for the Richmond Football Club, leading them to remarkable success, including three premierships.

With an impressive coaching tenure, Hardwick’s influence on Australian football is undeniable.

Beyond his impressive coaching career, his personal life has also been in the spotlight, particularly due to his relationships and family dynamics. 

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Damien Hardwick Kids: Isabelle, Benjamin And Imogen Hardwick

Damien Hardwick’s family comprises three cherished children: Isabelle, Benjamin, and Imogen.

These youngsters have grown up in the backdrop of their father’s remarkable journey within the Australian rules football arena.

Isabelle, Benjamin, and Imogen have been a constant source of strength, accompanying their father through the highs and lows of his career.

Although the public eye largely shields their private lives, their significance in Hardwick’s world cannot be overstated.

Damien Hardwick Kids
Damien Hardwick with his ex-wife and kids celebrating victory. (Source: Vimbuzz)

As silent witnesses to his professional accomplishments and personal challenges, these children have provided steadfast support and unwavering love.

In many ways, they serve as a testament to the intricate balance between the demands of a high-profile coaching career and the nurturing of a loving family.

They symbolize the delicate equilibrium required to juggle the rigors of a prominent coaching career with the responsibilities of a caring family.

The coach’s family, quietly and resiliently, contributes to the intricate tapestry of his life.

Damien Hardwick Wife

Throughout a span of 25 years, Damien Hardwick shared his life with Danielle Hardwick, a remarkable partnership that weathered the peaks and valleys of his football coaching career.

Beyond being a devoted spouse, Danielle embodied the role of a nurturing mother to their trio of children.

Her unwavering commitment and steadfast presence were instrumental during Hardwick’s leadership as the head coach of the Richmond Football Club.

Danielle’s contribution extended far beyond the confines of their home.

Damien Hardwick Wife
Damien Hardwick and his wife pictured together in 2017. (Source: Daily Mail)

She provided an anchor of stability, offering both emotional and practical support as Hardwick navigated the demanding world of professional sports coaching.

Her role as a loving mother not only enriched their family life but also served as a source of inspiration for her husband’s professional endeavors.

In the often turbulent and high-pressure environment of Australian rules football, her presence was a reassuring constant, reinforcing the importance of a strong family foundation amidst the challenges of a high-profile coaching career.

Her role in the coach’s life was pivotal, exemplifying the significance of a loving and supportive partner in the journey of a successful coach.

Damien Hardwick Family

In a surprising resignation announcement, Damien Hardwick, the iconic football coach, expressed gratitude to his family and his new partner, Alexandra Crow.

Hardwick praised his former wife, Danielle, and his girlfriend, Crow, for their unwavering support during his tenure as the Richmond Tigers’ head coach since 2010.

The relationship between Hardwick and Crow began when he separated from Danielle in December of the same year.

Danielle publicly criticized both him and the AFL, citing the demanding and sometimes selfish nature of football coaching.

Damien Hardwick Wife
The ex-Tigers coach and Crow bought a $2.3million terrace house in inner Melbourne. (Source; Daily Mail)

She retained her surname, symbolizing her identity and determination to navigate the breakup with dignity.

The seriousness of Hardwick’s relationship with Crow became evident when they purchased a $2.3 million property in Melbourne in June 2021 and embarked on a renovation project documented on Instagram.

Despite personal challenges, Hardwick acknowledged the difficulty for his family and aimed to handle it with grace.

Crow had a previous relationship with Carlton Football Club executive Daniel Giese, with whom she co-owned a $1.2 million property.

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