What Happened To Amy Allan From Dead Files, Is She Leaving The Show?

What Happened To Amy Allen From Dead Files

What Happened To Amy Allan From Dead Files: Despite her exit, she expressed gratitude to her fans and colleagues, promising a return with fresh projects and adventures.

Amy Allan, a renowned physical medium, gained fame as a former cast member of the Travel Channel’s paranormal reality show “The Dead Files.”

Collaborating with retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, she delved into unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

Amy’s unique abilities allowed her to communicate with the deceased, often assuming their roles and reliving their deaths, while Steve applied his detective expertise to search for physical evidence.

Likewise, Amy’s fascination with the paranormal began at a young age when she encountered “shadow people” in her Arvada, Colo., home.

With a background in working with private investigators and police agencies, she conducted over 500 investigations in private homes and businesses.

In June 2023, after 14 seasons, Amy Allan confirmed her departure from “The Dead Files,” marking the end of her longstanding association with the show.

What Happened To Amy Allan From Dead Files

As of June 2023, Amy Allan, the renowned physical medium and co-host of the Travel Channel’s paranormal reality show “The Dead Files,” made a surprising announcement – she was leaving the show after a remarkable 14-season run.

While the exact reasons for her departure remained somewhat ambiguous, speculations arose within her fanbase.

What Happened To Amy Allen From Dead Files
Amy Allen is also a brave and strong woman who has faced many challenges and difficulties in her life. (source: variancemagazine)

Some believed Amy might be seeking new challenges, diverging from the show’s trajectory.

In contrast, others cited concerns about the program’s sensationalized nature, hinting at a potential misalignment between Amy’s vision and the show’s direction.

Amy Allan, a highly respected physical medium, had partnered with retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi on “The Dead Files.”

Their unique synergy involved Amy communicating with the deceased, often reliving their tragic experiences.

At the same time, DiSchiavi applied his detective skills to uncover tangible evidence related to the paranormal phenomena they investigated.

Amy’s departure, announced on her Instagram account, stemmed from her need for a break and a focus on her health.

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Is Amy Allan Leaving The Show?

In light of her departure from “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan has kept her fans engaged through her active presence on social media platforms.

While she hasn’t divulged extensive details about her current situation, she shares glimpses of her life, including her cherished moments with her dog and updates about her online store.

What Happened To Amy Allen From Dead Files
What Happened To Amy Allen From Dead Files. (source: coopwb)

Alongside her friend Danielle, Amy operates an online store featuring a variety of items, including clothing, antiques, and stones.

Additionally, she organizes workshops and events related to the paranormal, displaying her commitment to the field.

Despite her past challenges, including a divorce, a cancer scare, a car accident, and even facing a stalker, Amy Allan has exhibited unwavering determination and professionalism.

While skepticism surrounded her work, she maintained her integrity, emerging as an inspiration to her dedicated fans.

As she embarks on new endeavors, Amy’s resilience continues to shine, making her an enduring figure in the world of paranormal research.

Amy Allan Net worth

Amy Allan has achieved significant financial success, boasting a net worth of approximately $17 million as of 2023.

This wealth has primarily been amassed through her multifaceted career as a psychic medium, paranormal investigator, and television personality.

In addition to her role on “The Dead Files,” Allan has served as a consultant for various other TV shows, leveraging her expertise in the paranormal realm.

Beyond her television ventures, she has explored alternative healing methods, further enhancing her professional portfolio.

Allan’s educational background includes a degree in psychology from The University of Arizona, showcasing her dedication to understanding the human mind.

Active on social media, she has garnered a substantial fan base, indicative of her widespread popularity and influence in the paranormal community.

Through her diverse ventures and expertise, Amy Allan has solidified her status as a prominent figure in the world of psychic phenomena, contributing significantly to her substantial net worth.

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