Izzie Balmer Partner Will Hawley, Dating Timeline Age Gap And Net Worth

Izzie Balmer

Izzie Balmer is best known as a successful BBC Antiques Road Trip and Bargain Hunt Expert specializing in jewelry. People are wondering about Izzie Balmer Partner, Will Hawley.

Izzie is well-known for popular television shows, including Make Me a Dealer, Bargain Hunt, and Antique Road Trips, released in 2018, 2000, and 2010 respectively.

The star of BBC Antiques Road Trip also popped up on Flog It! and co-hosted another BBC show called Street Auction.

In 2018, Balmer began her career as an auctioneer as the Head Valuer at Wessex Auction Rooms.

Izzie now specializes in jewelry and holds two Gemmological Association of Great Britain diplomas.
She came to the limelight after appearing in the popular BBC program Antiques Road Trip, and her mother inspired her in her auctioneer and valuer career.
Izzie Balmer Partner Will Hawley – Dating Timeline
Izzie Balmer has impressed tons of people throughout the globe with her dedication to antiques and excellent acting qualities.
Being a famous auctioneer, people are curious and want to know about Izzie Balmer and her partner, Will Hawley.
Izzie Balmer Partner
Meet Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer (Source: Hello Magazine)
There are rumors about the actress dating Will Hawley on the internet, but factual information about Izzie Balmer’s partner, Will Hawley, is unavailable at the time.
Unlike other celebrities, she is very private about her personal affairs and choices, and as a result, details about her dating timeline are not disclosed to the media and wanderers.
If the information about Izzie Balmer Partner Will Hawley is made public in the future, we will update it in our article as soon as possible.

Izzie balmer partner will Hawley age gap revealed 

There are no descriptions of Izzie Balmer’s partner to date, so the age gap between them is still being determined.

Izzie is a renowned auctioneer and valuer with an excellent caliber and a sharp eye for judging antiques.
Apart from antiques, she is also an expert in classical music and was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.
Izzie Balmer
Antiques Road Trip’s Izzie Balmer leaves fans stunned as she reveals hidden talent NOBODY saw coming ( Source: The Sun)
In addition to her career as an auctioneer and valuer, she is a social media influencer and television personality.
She has many followers on her social media accounts because she has unique content from the rest of the influencers, making her stand out.
As per sources, she is also engaged in numerous charity events and was recently seen at the Royal West of England Academy with Grayson Perry.

Izzie balmer net worth revealed

The estimated net worth of the well-known auctioneer and valuer is approximately $1 million. However, she has just revealed something about her earnings today.

She might have earned more than we estimated through paid promotions, advertisements, and sponsorships through her social media account, which has thousands of followers.

The performer of the television show Bargain Hunt makes a good living with her auctioneer job and makes a good income by appearing in several television shows.

Izzie Balmer Partner
Kendal’s antique shop to air on BBC’s Celebrity Roadshow ( Source: Westmorland Gazette)

Balmer is an influencer who loves to travel to different places to get the best bargains, and she is a huge fan of jewelry.

Because of her popularity, many established brands contacted Izzie Balmer for promotions.
The star was born in the United Kingdom in 1989 and will be 34 this year. She is very close with her family and her siblings.
However, she seems to be focused on her rising career rather than her personal life and partner at the time.
She has more than 15.3k followers on her Instagram account and more than 12.9k followers on her Twitter account.

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