Dayne Brajkovich Wife – Is He Married? Wikipedia Bio Age And Net Worth

Dayne Brajkovich

People are curious to know about Dayne Brajkovich wife. To know about the wife of the famous tattooed former Australian biker Dayne Brajkovich, read the article below.  

Dayne Brajkovich is a famous and professional biker who was a former member of the well-known biker gang the Hells Angels. He is also known to have several tattoos.

Dayne made headlines in 2020 when he was fined USD 800 for engaging in an aggressive fight with a murdered former Rebels pack chief, Nick Martin. CCTV footage was shown where Dayne Brajkovich was hitting Nick Martin repeatedly.  

Fifteen days after the conflict, Nick Martin was shot and died in Kwinana on the way to the hospital. However, the unnamed 35-year-old admitted to plotting and carrying out the shooting in December last year in exchange for $100,000. 

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Dayne Brajkovich Wife – Is He Married? 

There is not much information about his wife or his marital status. Also, the biker has always kept his marital status and other personal information private.

According to sources, Brajkovich is married, and his wife’s name is Jacinta Hill. The source state that when Dayne Brajkovich faced the trial to determine if he was responsible for illegally exhibiting his former gang symbols on two different occasions(January 21, while walking past Ascot Racecourse and another while shopping on January 30), his wife, Jacinta Hill, also testified in support of her husband’s assertions. 

Dayne Brajkovich Wife
Dayne Brajkovich with his wife Jacinta Hill leaving the court(Source: WAtoday)

She mentioned that he would have been at work as a contract demolition worker on the days in question and that she covered his gang tattoos every day “every morning before we went to work” by applying makeup. She also revealed to the crowded courtroom that the Hells Angel had fired her husband for “bashing the president.”

Later, Dayne Brajkovich won his court case after being found not guilty of flaunting a band symbol.

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 Dayne Brajkovich Wikipedia Bio and Age

 Dayne Brajkovich is known as an Australian professional ex-biker. He is a former member of the renowned biker gang Hells Angel. After a fight with the gang’s leader, he was later removed from the Western Australian Hells Angels in January 2022. 

Dayne Brajkovich Wife
Dayne Brajkovich is wearing a big gold chain around his neck ( Source: Perthnow)

There is no bio on Wikipedia for the professional rider Dayne Brajkovch. Brajkovich’s nationality is Australian. According to sources, The ex-biker is 43 years old as of 2023, i.e., born in 1980 AD. No platform provides an accurate date for his birthday.

There are no online disclosures about Dayne’s family. Nonetheless, we’ll do our best to inform you as soon as we learn anything about his family. 

Dayne Brajkovich Net Worth

According to estimates, Dayne Brajovich’s net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. But his net worth hasn’t been made public on the internet yet.

 He was said to have paid a hefty sum of money for his struggle with Nick Martin, who was murdered.

According to the MailOnline, Dayne Brajkovich was caught on camera waiting in line at a mint gift store to purchase $27,000 worth of gold in June.

The Mint is currently the focus of a legal money laundering inquiry due to concerns that criminals are seeking out the state government-owned organization(Perth Mint). 

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