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Andrew Duncan Age

How old is Andrew Duncan age? He is a controversial film producer with emerging sexual harassment accusations from insiders.

Andrew Duncan is an award-winning movie producer. Likewise, he served as the executive producer for Lord of Tears and Operator. 

Before his alleged sexual misconduct reports, the man was known for using his acclaim for the pursuit of human rights and democratic endeavors.

Moreover, he has produced several film and series projects, including Thoroughbreds, Fun Mom Dinner, Wildlife, Dude, and Book Club.

Duncan received widespread recognition for producing The Florida Project. Besides, he has produced Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower. Also, the two films received Oscar nominations.

Furthermore, based on the events of Joshua Wong leading Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower received the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award in 2017. 

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Andrew Duncan Age: How Old Is The Florida Project Producer?

Accomplished producer Andrew Duncan has dedicated his career to filmmaking. While revealing his age, it is not easily mentioned.

Likewise, his recent photos and experiences in filmmaking for over a decade suggest that Duncan is likely in his late 40s or early 50s.

For the producer, it seems like age is just a number as you look at his list of accomplishments.

While details regarding Duncan’s age remain a mystery, the producer’s professional achievements are publicly available. 

Andrew Duncan Age wikipedia
Andrew Duncan Age: The former esteemed producer was accused of harassment and sexual misconduct in 2017. (Source: CBC)

Having graduated from prestigious institutions and established a career in Silicon Valley, Andrew brings intellectual and practical wisdom.

Also, he stands firm on matters that align with his policy and needs. Similarly, the producer expands his unique advantage with years of experience as an entrepreneur.

This knowledge makes Duncan keenly aware of the filmmaking process, making him a strong candidate for delivering quality projects.

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Andrew Duncan Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Former June Pictures headman Andrew Duncan is the producer of awards contender “The Florida Project.”

Andrew ventured into film investing after a career in Silicon Valley. Moreover, he served as an executive vice president at Scalent Systems in Palo Alto.

Also, he served in various companies, including Cassatt Corporation, EMC Corporation, and Tektronix.

Mr. Duncan also founded a film investment company titled IGX LLC. Eventually, this company later became June Pictures, an indie production company. However, he stepped down amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Duncan, via June Pictures, produced several independent breakout films, including “Operator” and “Thoroughbred,” an underrated film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Besides producing the Best Picture nominee at the Oscars, Duncan has produced Paul Dano’s directorial debut Wildlife and Book Club with Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton.

Andrew Duncan Latest Update: Accused Of Sexual Harassment

As suggested by The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Duncan was accused of sexual harassment by several insiders. 

After several accusations by women of sexual misconduct, he stepped down from his company, June Pictures. 

However, the Florida Project producer denied the accusations and wrongdoing, blaming the claims on “rivals taking advantage of the news climate.”

Moreover, he countered that a late-night call to a female producer was “not coercive.”

Andrew Duncan age latest update
Andrew Duncan age: Several women allegedly accused the former June Pictures CEO of misconduct. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

In a public statement released on Friday, Duncan disputed the allegations, referring to the alleged victims as either distorted or demonstrably false.

Moreover, he revealed that the rivals took advantage of the news and tried to undermine his financial prospects.

As suggested by the trustee media sources, accounts from several women alleging different kinds of misconduct on or around film sets were reported. 

Likewise, the accounts ranged from inappropriate suggestions to kissing and groping without consent.

Moreover, the media outlet reported a dozen anonymous sources about the disgusting behavior.

Reportedly, Alex Saks took sole control of June Pictures after Duncan stepped down from his post. In a statement, the new CEO revealed that she had solidified plans to purchase Duncan’s stake in the company.

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