Was Matt Rissell Death Cause Suicide? Wife And Family Explored

Matt Rissell Death

Matt Rissell is an entrepreneur who sadly died on May 4, 2023. Please read the article to learn about Matt Rissell Death Cause.

Matt was an entrepreneur who co-founded Tsheets, an online and mobile application for digital time tracking and workforce scheduling.

The world’s largest software company, Intuit, which also owns QuickBooks, decided to buy TSheets in 2017 for $340 million. After the deal was finalized the following year, Rissell worked for the business until 2019, when he decided to leave Intuit.

In the years since, Rissell has invested in various businesses, including the McCall Surf & Snack, owned by his wife Robin, and served on the board of CoderPad.

Rissell also served as executive-in-residence for Summitt Partners. Summitt recently removed Rissel’s bio from its website and a news release from 2020 announcing he joined the firm. 

Was Matt Rissell Death Cause Suicide?

The Ada County Coroner’s Office reported that a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head caused Rissell’s death. His suicide-related demise has been established.

Everyone in the area was shocked to learn of Matt Rissell’s passing. He was well-known and well-respected for founding the Eagle firm TSheets. Nevertheless, the circumstances of his death have generated more questions than solutions.

Matt Rissell Death
Matt Rissell Death has been announced as a suicide. (Source: Forbes)

Early in the morning, the event took place at Rissell’s house in Eagle’s Wedgewood neighborhood. When the police arrived, they discovered Rissell had passed away, and another woman had been seriously hurt.

According to the sheriff’s office, Rissell and the woman were acquaintances, but no other information about their relationship was given. The incident has been referred to as an “attempted murder/suicide.”

The injured woman was sent to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. The authorities have not revealed her identity or given any details regarding what happened.

The community has been shocked by the news of Rissell’s passing. He was well-liked in the business community and had had great success with TSheets.

Many people have questions regarding the occurrence, including his death and the connection between Rissell and the hurt woman.

It is a regrettable circumstance that has devastated and bewildered many people. More information may become available in the upcoming days as the authorities continue their investigation.

But for the time being, the neighborhood must grieve the passing of a respected citizen and hold out hope for the woman’s recovery.

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Matt Rissell Wife

The co-creator of TSheets, Matt Rissell, was married to Robin Rissell. Ronin worked as a copywriter.

The pair had lived together in Eagle, Idaho, for several years and created a life there. Many people in the neighborhood respected their relationship for its tenacity and dedication.

Matt Rissell Death
Matt Rissell is rumored to shoot his own wife. (Source: Forbes)

The specifics of the event and the identity of the woman who was hurt remain unknown in the wake of Matt Rissell’s untimely death.

While various publications have suggested that the woman was his wife, Robin Rissell, the authorities have not confirmed this rumor.

Regardless of the identity of the injured woman, the act has brought enormous anguish and grief to those who knew the couple.

If it is confirmed that the woman was Robin Rissell, then it is a tragedy that a marriage that seemingly lasted for years had ended so violently.

It is critical to concentrate on helping people touched by the tragedy as the inquiry into Matt Rissell’s death progresses.

It is critical to band together and provide support and understanding during this trying time, whether it is among the couple’s family and friends or the larger community.

Matt Rissell Family Explored

Matt Rissell’s terrible demise had an impact on his family as well as the larger community. He was married to Robin Rissell, and the two of them had Nicole, Hunter, and Caiden as their offspring.

Any youngster would find losing a parent traumatizing, and the Rissell children will be affected by this loss for years to come.

Matt Rissell Death
Matt Rissell and his daughter. (Source: Twitter)

They must get support and care from family and friends while they work to understand their father’s passing.

Matt’s wife, Robin, worked as a copywriter in addition to being his wife and father. Robin must get the help she needs at this trying time because losing a lover is a tremendously difficult experience.

To console and look after one another and respect Matt Rissell’s memory, the Rissell family must unite.

The family may start to mend and move on via the love and support of people around them, never forgetting Matt’s influence on their life.

Finally, Matt Rissell’s passing has affected the community, his family, and the business world negatively. His achievements as the creator of TSheets were substantial, and his legacy will endure for years to come.

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