Corey Mylchreest Girlfriend – Is He Dating Maria Libri? Dating History And Instagram

Corey Mylchreest

Corey Mylchreest Girlfriend: To discover whether the British actor who gained popularity for his role as King George III in “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is romantically involved with Maria Libri and to uncover his previous relationships, read on.

Corey Mylchreest is a young British actor who has been making waves in the acting industry lately. He is best known for his portrayal of King George III in the Netflix spinoff series “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.”

Mylchreest’s performance in the series has earned him praise and placed him among the ranks of actors who have become heartthrobs due to their involvement in the steamy period drama.

The actor graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2020 and has since starred in a few productions, including Shakespeare’s plays Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet. He also appeared in one episode of the TV series “The Sandman” in 2022. However, “Queen Charlotte” marks his first major role.

Despite his young age, his acting skills are described as wise beyond his years, as his commitment to honesty and avoiding stereotypes in his portrayal of King George, which he said came from an organic standpoint. 

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Corey Mylchreest Girlfriend – Is He Dating Maria Libri?

Mylchreest is very private when it comes to his personal life, and he rarely talks about it in interviews. When he was asked if his role in Bridgerton would make him a heartthrob, he joked that Freddie Dennis, the actor who plays Reynolds, was the real heartthrob of the show.

However, during a red carpet interview for the premiere of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Corey did reveal that he watched Bridgerton with his girlfriend after being warned not to before filming began.

Corey Mylchreest Girlfriend
Corey Mylchreest on-screen partner, India from the show Quenn Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Source: DISTRACTIFY)

Although he does not share pictures of his girlfriend on social media, this is the most that Corey has disclosed about his love life. It’s understandable that he might want to keep his relationship private, especially if his girlfriend prefers not to be in the public eye.

There is no evidence to suggest that the British actor is currently dating Maria Libri. The actor has kept  has not shared any information regarding the name of his girlfriend with the public. Therefore, it is safe to assume that there is no romantic involvement between the two individuals at this time.

Corey Mylchreest Dating History

There is very little information available about his personal life, especially his dating history. He has managed to keep his personal life out of the public eye and appears to prefer to maintain a low profile when it comes to his romantic relationships.

There have been no reports or rumors of any past relationships, and the actor himself has not commented on any previous partners. Additionally, he does not share any pictures or information about his personal life on his social media accounts.

Corey Mylchreest
India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest portray the young royals in the beginning days of their marriage. (Source: FANSIDED)

While there have been some reports linking him to fellow actress India Amarteifio who plays the character of Queen Charlotte but he has denied the rumors.

It is understandable that the actor might want to keep his personal life private, especially given the intense scrutiny that comes with being a public figure. As his career continues to grow and he takes on more high-profile roles, it is likely that fans and the media will continue to be curious about his personal life, but for now, there is little to report in terms of his dating history.

Corey Mylchreest Instagram

Corey has an Instagram account under the handle @coreymylchreest, but he is not very active on the platform. His recent posts have mostly been related to his role in Queen Charlotte, including photos from behind the scenes and the set.

Despite not posting frequently, he has gained a following of 108 thousand people on the platform as of May 2023. The actor joined Instagram in April 2022 and was verified in November 2022, seven months after joining.

Corey Mylchreest Instagram
Corey Mylchreest with his castmates from the show “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” (Source: Instagram)

Mylchreest most recent post, as of May 5, 2023, was a picture with his co-stars from Queen Charlotte. While he does not share much about his personal life on the platform, his followers can still catch a glimpse of his work and professional activities through his posts related to his acting career.

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