Grizelda Hernandez Autopsy: Cause Of Death And Murder Case Update

Grizelda Hernandez

Grizelda Hernandez autopsy has revealed the shocking truth about the injuries she suffered at the hands of her attacker before her tragic death. Explore the circumstances and latest updates in the murder case surrounding her death.

Grizelda Hernandez, a 28-year-old woman from Laredo, Texas, encountered a dreadful fate in April 2018.

She had a lively personality with big dreams for herself and her young son, Dominic Alexander Hernandez.

She began dating a Border Patrol agent named Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles, and things, regrettably, took a bad turn.

The young woman and her infant child tragically died as a result of their ongoing conflicts and misunderstandings, which characterized their relationship.

We are reminded of the importance of seeking justice and learning the truth about her premature death as we learn more about her life and the chain of incidents that led to her unfortunate death.

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Grizelda Hernandez Autopsy

After Hernandez’s tragic passing, a thorough examination called an autopsy was done to understand the extent of her injuries and learn more about what happened to her.

The main goal was to gather important evidence to help with the ongoing investigation. The results of the examination were shocking and very sad.

They showed that the 28-year-old woman had suffered a total of 27 stab wounds.

Grizelda Hernandez Autopsy
Pictured: Grizelda Hernandez with her 1-year-old child. (Source: Facebook)

These painful injuries were found on different parts of her body, including her head, face, chest, back, arms, and hands.

Looking at her wounds, it became clear just how violent and terrible the attack on her was.

The information from the autopsy is crucial in seeking justice and holding the people responsible for this awful act accountable.

Grizelda Hernandez Cause Of Death

The autopsy results conclusively determined that the cause of Grizelda’s death was the multiple stab wounds she had suffered.

Each of these wounds inflicted significant pain and suffering upon her, ultimately resulting in her tragic and premature passing.

The detailed autopsy report played a critical role in the murder case against Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles.

It provided valuable evidence by establishing the cause of the innocent young woman’s death and highlighting the severity of the attack she endured.

Grizelda Hernandez Cause Of Death
On the first day of trial, the jury heard that Grizelda Hernandez had 27 stab wounds. (Source: Facebook)

This report was a crucial tool in supporting the prosecution’s case, helping build a strong argument against the accused.

By presenting the autopsy findings, the prosecution was able to provide a clearer understanding of the extent of Hernandez’s injuries and the direct link between these wounds and her heartbreaking demise.

Grizelda Hernandez Murder Case Update

The trial of Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles began with the prosecution presenting strong evidence against him.

The court proceedings revealed important pieces of evidence that connected Burgos-Aviles to the crime.

By analyzing cell phone data, investigators placed him at Father McNaboe Park, the location where the murders took place.

The tracking of Grizelda and Burgos-Aviles’ phones showed that they were at another location in Laredo before returning to the crime scene.

A significant piece of evidence was the discovery of Dominic’s blood on the tailgate of Aviles’ patrol vehicle.

This finding provided a crucial link between the accused and the crime scene, strengthening the case against him.

Investigators also found a letter from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, dated March 13, 2018, which outlined the designated location for submitting child support payments.

This evidence potentially revealed a motive for the crime and further connected Burgos to the murder scene.

If Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles is found guilty of double murder, he could potentially face the death penalty.

Grizelda Hernandez Murder Case Update
Dominic’s blood was found on the tailgate of Burgos-Aviles’ patrol unit. (Source: Facebook)

The trial proceedings aim to determine whether he is innocent or guilty, seeking justice for the victims and their grieving families.

As the trial continues, the evidence presented, including the autopsy report, will play a crucial role in uncovering the truth and ensuring that the responsible person is held accountable for their terrible actions.

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