Carrie Bickmore New Boyfriend – Is She Dating Tommy Little? Relationship Timeline And Family

Carrie Bickmore

Rumors are circulating about Carrie Bickmore New Boyfriend. The mother of three children recently ended her relationship with Chris Walker, and as she is very close to Tommy, few fans assume that she is dating Tommy. 

Carrie Bickmore is a well-known Australian television and radio personality known for her bubbly personality and charming on-screen presence.

Bickmore began her career in media as a newsreader on 92.9 FM in Perth. She became the popular morning show “The Project” presenter in 2009.

Besides that, she founded the charity “Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer” after her husband died from brain Cancer. The charity aims to raise funds for brain Cancer research and support services for those affected.

Bickmore has been recognized for her contributions to Australian media and society with numerous awards and honors, including the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television in 2015.

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Carrie Bickmore New Boyfriend – Is She Dating Tommy Little?

This week, there are a lot of rumors going around that popular TV host Carrie Bickmore, and her radio show co-host Tommy Little is getting closer after each of them recently broke up with a partner.

Although Carrie has always felt a deep connection with Tommy, this time, the timing might be right for something more to develop between them.

The rumors began after Carrie and Tommy, who live in Melbourne, attended a media event in Sydney earlier this month.

According to an eyewitness, the two were openly flirting and seemed very attracted to each other, leaving no doubt in the observer’s mind that sparks were flying.

Carrie Bickmore New Boyfriend
Tommy Little and Carrie Bickmore attend Melbourne Cup Day (Source: Getty Images)

When Carrie confirmed her split from her husband in January, Tommy quickly offered his support, leading some insiders to assume that their connection could evolve into something romantic.

Fans are still speculating about whether or not the two will take their relationship to the next level. It stays to be seen what the future brings for this great couple.

But for now, it seems clear that Carrie and Tommy’s friendship is stronger than ever, and fans will watch eagerly to see what comes next.

Carrie Bickmore Relationship Timeline

A well-known television presenter, Carrie tied the knot with Greg Lange, a former media industry worker, in 2005. Unfortunately, Greg lost his battle with brain Cancer and died on December 27, 2010.

After her husband’s death, Carrie found love again with Chris Walker, a producer on the popular show, The Project. It was a love story that blossomed between shoots and rehearsals, and the two became inseparable shortly after that.

 Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker
Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker (Source: Getty Images)

However, in recent times, rumors have been stirring around about Carrie’s friendship with radio co-host Tommy Little following her separation from Chris earlier this month.

The rumors have reached such a peak that even Chris felt the need to respond.

On social media, he shared a photo of himself, Carrie, and Tommy, taken when she was pregnant. Although he didn’t add a caption, the message was clear: he laughed off the rumors and reaffirmed his friendship with Carrie and Tommy.

While the photo was deleted shortly after posting, it spoke volumes about the depth of their connection.

Carrie Bickmore Family

Bickmore, a renowned television and radio presenter, was born on December 3, 1980, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her parents, Brian L. Bickmore and Jennie Bickmore-Brand played a vital role in shaping her life. While her Father was a former board member at Enero Group Ltd, he also worked as a radio announcer on 92.9FM.

Her mother, Jennie, is a lecturer at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, and has extensive experience teaching preparatory school to year 7. Additionally, she has worked for several years as a language arts consultant.

Carrie Bickmore
Carrie Bickmore with her family (Source: Practicalparenting)

Carrie spent her childhood in Adelaide, but later her family migrated to Perth, Eastern Australia, where she completed her education. She started her career in media as a newsreader on a local radio station in Perth.

Aside from her professional success, Carrie is also a mother to three beautiful children: Oliver, Evie, and Adelaide. She gave birth to her first son, Oliver, in 2007 with her husband, Greg.

Sadly, her husband passed away, and Carrie found love again with Chris, with whom she became pregnant and gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Evie, in 2015.

In June 2018, Carrie and Chris welcomed their third child, another daughter named Adelaide.

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