Wally Lewis Illness Epilepsy And Health 2023: Is He Sick?

Wally Lewis Illness

Wally Lewis is a famous Australian coach. The netizens wonder about his disease and its connection to his recent health condition. So here is what viewers need to know about Wally Lewis illness and his latest health update. 

Walter James Lewis AM, shortly Wally Lewis significantly impacted the international rugby scene.

The former Australian professional rugby league footballer’s talent and skills propelled him to heights, achieving a career-high “The King” title. He dominated Queensland’s absolute State of Origin in the 1980s.

Likewise, he played in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Also, Lewis received recognition as a commentator for television coverage of the sport.

He was born on 1 December 1959 to June Lewis and Jim Lewis in Hawthorne, Australia.

Not many know this fact, as Lewis has three children, Lincoln Lewis, Jamie-Lee Lewis, and Mitchell Lewis. He tied the knot with Jacqueline Lewis in 1982.

Moreover, the former player for Australia joined Brisbane Broncos in 1988. He played Five-eighth and Lock positions. 

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Wally Lewis Illness Epilepsy

Everyone’s favorite Australian rugby player Wally Lewis was spotlighted as he stunned audiences with his breathtaking results in Game 1 of the 1984 State Of Origin series.

Lewis, 63, was diagnosed with epilepsy, which profoundly impacting his life and career.

An MRI scan showed epilepsy developing in his body.

According to Daily Mail, the former rugby star shared he had to make a huge life change for his health amid a battle with epilepsy. Medical experts mentioned the medical condition as a seizure disorder called epilepsy.

The man has since had a treatment procedure to keep his medical condition in check. 

Regarding Lewis’s medical condition and treatment, the former Queensland stalwart underwent brain surgery at The Austin Hospital in Melbourne to address his condition in February 2007.

Eventually, he returned to his news presenting role full-time in 2009.

Lewis has always been open about his ongoing struggle with epilepsy. Earlier, in 2006, he began having issues while presenting the evening sports report on Nine.

In November 2006, The King previewed the sports segment but could not host it on screen.

After two weeks, the man looked visibly distressed on screen while introducing the report.

Doctors suggest certain epilepsy medications can cause drowsiness and lack of energy. This could be the case for his distressed look and tremor (uncontrollable shaking).

Also, he had to go through hair loss, one of the side effects of epilepsy medication. 

Nevertheless, the loved rugby star rocked the bald look after the treatment.

Wally Lewis Illness
Wally Lewis’s illness: The famous rugby star was inducted into the NRL Hall of Fame. (Source: National Rugby League)

Regarding his medical condition, Lewis said,

My health has made decisions for me earlier so it’s my turn to make decisions for my health now.

Medical experts suggest that epilepsy is a chronic brain disease that affects people of all gender and ages. 

According to World Health Organization, at least 50 million people globally suffer from this condition, making it a common neurological disease worldwide.

Despite the challenges, the athlete now learns to live with his medical condition and inspires people to do the same. 

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Wally Lewis Health Update 2023: Is he Sick?

Former Australian rugby star Wally Lewis’s latest health update has gained significant traction online, with widespread circulation and discussions.

As mentioned earlier, The King, known to Maroons faithful, was diagnosed with a seizure disorder called epilepsy.

Hence, Wally underwent brain surgery and a medication plan to keep his health in check.

Wally Lewis Illness
Wally Lewis illness: The former Australian rugby champion enjoys a healthy lifestyle. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Likewise, a regular medical follow-up helps keep him updated on his condition. 

Moreover, Lewis’s diet plan to stay in shape primarily consists of meat and clean meals. The athlete seems health conscious, mainly after his illness. 

But he once revealed his diet, encouraging Australians to ‘Eat Breakfast Like a King.’ 

At this time, Wally Lewis has chosen not to disclose any details of his recent health condition.

To stay informed about updates or additional information regarding Lewis’s health, we encourage viewers to stay connected with us for the latest developments.

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