Andre Drummond Brother And Sister Ariana: How Many Siblings?

Andre Drummond Brother

Who is Andre Drummond brother? The American basketball player’s siblings likely see him as a role model. 

Andre Drummond is a famous American professional basketball player. Likewise, he played for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA in the centre position.

Currently, he represents the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association as their #3 centre.

Detroit Pistons selected Andre Drummond as the ninth overall pick during the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft.

Andre Drummond has been NBA All-Star two times and has led the league in rebounding three times; moreover, he also has been named All-NBA Third Team.

Moreover, Andre Drummond brings action and entertainment to the court. Hence many are interested in learning more about the phenomenal player’s family life. 

Get insights on Andre Drummond brother, siblings, family details, and more on his personal life.

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Meet Andre Drummond Brother And Sister Ariana

Reportedly, Chicago Bulls centre Andre Drummond has a sister named Ariana. Likewise, he and his siblings have achieved remarkable things and have distinct abilities and personalities.

Andre Drummond Brother sister
Andre Drummond Brother: The NBA star enjoys Christmas with his mother and sister. (Source: Instagram)

Despite Ariana’s notable hesitation in being in the limelight, Andre Drummond’s siblings are an excellent example of a family united by love.

Drummond is wise and serves as a role model for his sister. Moreover, their shared experiences provide a solid basis for empathy and friendship.

Andre brings athletic energy to the family dynamic, adding a beautiful feeling of innocence and excitement.

Likewise, the siblings have a unique and unbreakable kinship despite their different ages.

Similarly, Andre shares a close bond filled with love and support, complementing each other and creating a harmonious family dynamic. 

Despite differences, Andre and his sister’s shared love for their mother and unique strengths create a bond filled with enduring joy and devotion.

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Andre Drummond Parents And Family

On August 10, 1993, Christine Cameron gave birth to Andre Drummond. The former Brooklyn Nets Centre is raised by his single mother. Hence, he is close to his mother. 

Drummond was born to Jamaican parents. Likewise, his mother raised him in Mount Vernon, New York. Later, his mother moved to Middletown, Connecticut with 7-year-old Andre and his sister. 

Drummond’s mother, Christine, celebrated after the Detroit Pistons drafted her son in an NBA draft. 

Andre and his mother organized a watch party. However, even before beginning his professional career in the NBA, Andre was a part of the United States national team.

Likewise, he made his family proud as the team won the gold medal during the 2010 FIBA under-17 World Championship.

Christine must have been emotional after her son’s NBA draft. Moreover, Drummond is also close to his other family members.

Andre Drummond Stats And Career Highlights

Andre Drummond began his professional NBA career as early as 2012. During this game, he was selected to the NBA’s All-rookie Second Team by the Detroit Pistons.

Andre Drummond Brother career
Andre Drummond Brother: The Chicago Bulls centre exploded as a three-point shooter. (Source: Marca)

Andre Drummond was announced as available for the April 2012 NBA draft. At that time, he was selected by the Detroit Pistons.

During the 2016 season, he played against the Boston Celtics and scored 20 points and 17 rebounds.

Likewise, Andre Drummond was the second-youngest player to reach 4,000 rebounds at the age of 23.

Andre Drummond played for the Detroit Pistons from 2012 to 2020. But, he was traded with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020/21 NBA season.

Overall, Andre has played eight games for the national team.

Despite being a famous professional basketball player, Andre Drummond set a record for missing free throws (23 out of 36 free throws) in a game played against the Houston Rockets on January 20, 2016. 

Moreover, Drummond broke his single-season franchise record by sixty-seventh double-double and finally led the league.

In the same season game, he made 1,000 points, 1,000 rebounds, ten blocks, and 100 steals during his fourth season since the start of his career.

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