Viet Pham Wife Alexis Furkioti Pham Married Life And Kids

Viet Pham Wife

Viet Pham wife, Alexis Furkioti Pham, is known to be supportive of the chef’s career. Take a closer look at their married life and if they have any kids.

Viet Pham is an acclaimed chef and a previous Iron Chef America winner. Originally from San Francisco, he began his career in software before attending culinary school.

He worked in various restaurants before opening his own, Forage, in Utah in 2009.

The chef has won numerous accolades, including Best New Chef from Food & Wine and defeating Bobby Flay twice on Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay.

After closing Forage in 2016, Pham started the famous fried chicken chain Pretty Bird Hot Chicken, which has four locations across Utah.

Through hard work and creativity, he has become a renowned name in the culinary world.

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Viet Pham Wife, Alexis Furkioti Pham

Viet is married to Alexis Furkioti Pham. The two live in Utah with their adorable orange cat named Theo.

Together the pair opened Pretty Bird Hot Chicken in Salt Lake City, which serves delicious Nashville-style fried chicken.

Viet Pham’s wife is the co-owner of Pretty Bird Hot Chicken alongside her husband.

She helps manage the rapidly growing fried chicken business, which has four locations across Utah.

The couple makes an excellent team, combining their talents to create a successful restaurant brand rooted in his culinary skills and Furkioti’s business acumen.

Viet Pham Wife
Viet Pham wife, Alexis Furkioti Pham, is a restaurant owner. (Source: Instagram)

The couple has a strong, loving relationship and supports each other’s ambitions. Alexis encourages the chef’s passion for cooking while lending her business expertise.

Together, they often collaborate on new ideas and innovations for Pretty Bird Hot Chicken.

Their shared dedication and vision have been integral to the brand’s continued expansion.

Viet Pham Married Life

By all accounts, Viet and Alexis have a happy married life together.

They live in Utah with their cat Theo, enjoy exploring the outdoors, and spend time together when not working on Pretty Bird Hot Chicken.

The couple’s marriage is grounded in mutual trust, support, and communication.

They are willing to take risks and pursue their dreams, as evident in their launch of a new restaurant brand. However, they do so thoughtfully, leaning on each other’s strengths.

The chef and his wife’s commitment extends beyond their marriage into their business.

Viet Pham Wife
Viet Pham and his wife own a pet cat named Theo. (Source: Instagram)

Their shared vision for Pretty Bird Hot Chicken keeps them working toward future growth.

However, they also know when to step back and spend quality time together, realizing that balance is essential.

The fact that the pair successfully collaborate in business is a testament to their strong bond.

Their marriage provides a solid foundation from which they are building both a family and a career.

Both of them are devoted to supporting each other’s happiness. Their relationship is thriving.

Viet Pham Kids

As of now, Pham and Furkioti do not have any children together. They are currently focused on expanding their business, Pretty Bird Hot Chicken.

The chef’s demanding schedule as head chef and owner means he has devoted much of his time to his restaurants.

His partner also has her hands full, managing the operations side of the business.

While kids don’t appear to be in the pair’s immediate future, their playful cat Theo brings them plenty of joy.

It’s clear that family is essential to the couple so that children may be possible.

Viet Pham Wife
At present, Viet Pham and his partner reside in the state of Utah. (Source: Instagram)

The couple are proud “parents” of the growing Pretty Bird Hot Chicken brand.

They pour their energy into nurturing their successful restaurants. Expanding their family with children will likely come later when the timing is right.

Viet and Alexis seem fulfilled by devoting themselves to their passions: cooking for Viet and managing a business for Alexis.

Their entire lives and loving marriage provide all the happiness they need now. Someday they may also choose to experience the rewards of parenthood.

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