Quad Webb Real Name Quadriyyah Monique Webb: Wikipedia Age And Parents

Quad Webb real name

Quad Webb real name is Quadriyyah Monique Webb. She is an established multitalented TV personality who has ventured into different fields of profession.

Quad Webb is a well-known TV personality, actress, producer, author, fashion icon, and philanthropist. She has been indulged in several works.

Quad gained recognition for her role in the reality TV series “Married to Medicine.” She is often called “The Black Barbie” due to her elegance and style.

Webb has also ventured into various other fields, such as fashion, entrepreneurship, and writing. She is known for working as a medical sales representative.

Moreover, The Icon Jas contributed her time and effort to the entertainment industry as well. She has appeared in television shows and movies.

Additionally, Webb has made her mark as a philanthropist. She is mainly engaged in the field of animal rights and charitable organizations.

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Quad Webb Real Name Quadeiyyah Monique Webb

Quad Webb’s real name is Quadeiyyah Monique Webb. However, in the entertainment world, she is predominantly known as a Quad Webb.

Quad Webb real name
Quad Webb’s real name is associated with her heritage and familial connection. (Source: yahoo)

The stage name has become her professional moniker and is how her audience and colleagues widely recognize her.

The actress’s stage name serves as the persona under which she has built her career as a versatile TV personality, actress, producer, author and philanthropist.

Throughout her entertainment career, the producer has made a significant impact. She has established her unique identity.

While her birthname reflects her personal and familial roots, the Fashion Icon’s stag name represents her dynamics and successful career in various fields.

It is the name that has garnered her fame and respect for her accomplishments in television, fashion, and charitable works.

The author’s experience in different sectors of the film industry has shown her diverse talents and achievements to the world.

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Quad Webb Wikipedia And Age

The 43-year-old TV personality’s birth date is May 13, 1980, in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a versatile and accomplished individual with many talents and interests.

The Styar’s life journey has been marked by various achievements and experiences that have shaped her into a prominent figure in th world.

During her young age, Quad excelled academically, particularly in science. She pursued higher education at Tennessee State University.

Moreover, Thre Celebrity has a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. Her academic achievements laid teh foundation for her subsequent career.

After completing her education, The TV star relocated to Atlanta. She embarked on a career in a medicals ales.

Webb’s life took an exciting turn when she entered the entertainment industry. She gained recognition as a TV personality and actress, showing her charisma and charm on the screen.

Beyond the World Star’s television career, she expanded her horizons. In 2014, she ventured into teh world of fashion and entrepreneurship by launching her luxury clothing line for dogs.

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Quad Webb Parents

The exceptional actress has a special connection with her family, particularly with her mother, Jami Ballentine. 

Quad Webb real name
Quad Webb’s cooking skills were nurtured and influenced by her lovely mother, Jami Ballentine. (Source: The Today Show)

While detailed information about her father is not readily available, It is known that her mother played a crucial role in shaping the famous star’s passion for cooking.

Quad’s culinary journey began in her childhood. Her mother, Jami Ballentine, taught her how to cook.

The mother and daughter bonding created a strong relationship centered around the kitchen. The philanthropist’s love for cooking and her flair for experimenting with flavors were commendable.

As a tribute to her love for cooking and her mother’s influence, THe Xhef released a cooking book titled “Cooking With Miss Quadd: Live, Laugh, Love and Eat.”

Her book not only documented Quad’s cooking adventures but also included some of her cherished recipes.

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