Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Issue Cleared: Reconcile After Years-Long Rift

Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Issue

Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda issue took a transformative turn on the November 9, 2023, episode of “It’s Showtime,” as the longtime friends publicly reconciled during the “Magpasikat” segment.

Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford was born on May 16, 1982. He is a well-known Filipino artist who excels in various entertainment fields.

Billy is not just an actor but also a talented musician, singer, dancer, and comedian. Recognised globally, he has earned prestigious awards, such as two NRJ Music Awards.

On the other hand, Vice Ganda was born on March 31, 1976. He is a highly successful figure in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Vice is an accomplished comedian, television host, actor, entrepreneur, and recording artist. He is celebrated for his unique comedic style.

Moreover, Ganda is a regular host on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show, “It’s Showtime”. He has achieved significant success in the film industry.

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Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Issue: What Happened?

Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda issue has reached a positive resolution. In 2019, the friendship between the two raised eyebrows when they decided to unfollow each other on Instagram.

Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Issue
Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda’s Issue has been resolved on a good note. (Source: Pep.Ph)

Their act sparked speculation and debate among their fans. The confusion deepened in 2020 when Billy made a significant move by leaving ANS-CBN for TV5.

Vice and Billy initially assured their fans that their friendship would endure despite the network switch. 

Moreover, Vice expressed the sentiment that they were like family. He said they lived in the same neighbourhood and moulded to support each other.

However, as time passed, it became evident that their relationship had shifted. By September 2020, Billy openly admitted that their communication had become sporadic.

The situation escalated when Bobet Vidanes, a key figure from “It’s Showtime”, left to direct a rival show on TV5. This added another layer of complexity between Vice and Billy.

Over the years, Neither had publicly explained the root cause of their apparent rift. Nonetheless, in a surprising turn of events, they recently publicly reconciled.

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Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Reconcile After Years-Long Rift

On the “It’s Showtime” episode aired on November 9, 2023, a reunion unfolded between Billy and Vice during the “Magpasikat” segment.

Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda Issue
Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda unfollowed each other on Instagram. (Source: Philippine Star)

Vice took the stage with Billy, his wife Coleen Garcia, and their son Amari, marking a significant moment of reconciliation.

Vice conveyed the ending of their friendship with heartfelt words. Billy’s presence in the show demonstrated that they were okay.

Vice stated,” Because of Billy, an essential person in my life. At the end of th day, you are my best friend, and I love you very much.”

As Billy revealed, the catalyst for the unexpected change of heart was his father’s wish. He shared that his father ordered him to make amends with Vice.

Amidst the reconciliation, Billy apologised to his co-hosts and the audience, expressing his sadness. 

The long-standing feud was resolved in a sincere embrace between the two friends. They love each other and will support one another throughout their lives.

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What Happened Between Billy Crawford And Vice Ganda?

Despite the reconciliation after years of avoiding each other, Vice and Billy have not stated the reason behind their dispute.

Billy suddenly left the show he was co-hosting with Vice. Regardless of being friends for years, the duo separated instantly. 

The exact reason for their crack in the friendship is still unknown. They have chosen to let go of all the grudges from the past.

Nevertheless, the audience wanted to know what broke their friendship. Many fans came up with their theories and stories.

It is essential to notice that despite whatever might have caused their separation, the two resolved their issue and moved forward.

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