Tom Kim Asian – What Is His Ethnicity? Religion And Parents

Tom Kim Asian

“Is Tom Kim Asian?” is a question raised online. Please read this article to find out about his ethnicity and religion.

Kim Joo-hyung, who is commonly referred to as Tom Kim, is a professional golfer hailing from South Korea.

Tom is a golf prodigy. He has won the PGA Tour, the Asian Tour, and the Korean Tour, with two wins on each of these prestigious golfing circuits.

After making his professional debut in May 2018, Kim began his golfing career by competing on the Philippine Golf Tour.

Subsequently, in 2019, he predominantly participated in tournaments on the Asian Development Tour.

In late June 2019, Kim secured his first victory in the PGM ADT Championship held in Malaysia, finishing an impressive six strokes ahead of his competitors.

Later in August of the same year, the player emerged victorious in the Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament in Indonesia after a thrilling playoff.

His third triumph in the Raya Pakistan Open also granted him an automatic promotion to the Asian Tour for the remainder of the 2019 season.

In November 2019, at 17 years and 149 days, Kim achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the Panasonic Open India.

This victory made him the second youngest professional to triumph on the Asian Tour.

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Tom Kim Asian: What Is His Ethnicity?

Yes, Tom Kim is of Asian ethnicity. And as he was born in South Korea, Kim holds South Korean nationality.

As a South Korean professional golfer, his heritage reflects his cultural background and national origin.

Tom Kim Asian
Tom Kim is of Asian ethnicity. (Source: GQ)

Moreover, Kim’s ethnicity is deeply rooted in the traditions, customs, and values of South Korea, which often play a significant role in shaping his identity and experiences.

Being South Korean, he brings his unique perspective and heritage to golf.

He also contributed to the diverse tapestry of professional athletes representing various ethnic backgrounds in the sport.

Moreover, his extraordinary skills and splendid run toward stardom are praiseworthy.

Tom Kim Religion explored

No publicly available information about Tom Kim’s specific religious beliefs or affiliations exists.

Religion is often considered a personal and private matter, and unless the master of golf openly discusses his faith, it is challenging to determine his religious views with certainty.

Tom Kim Asian
Tom Kim has yet to disclose his religious preferences. (Source: GolfDigest)

As such, explicit information from Kim himself or reliable sources is necessary to state his religious inclinations accurately.

Moreover, Kim has skyrocketed his way to becoming a legend, and he only has time to publicly address some of his matters, which religion has yet to be disclosed.

Furthermore, it is also essential to respect Tom’s privacy regarding his personal beliefs.

And we should instead focus on his exceptional skillset and achievements in the golf field.

Meet Tom Kim Parents

The Golf prodigy, Tom Kim, was born on 21 June 2002 in Seoul, South Korea.

His father, Kim Chang-ik, is a professional golfer who competed on the Tour. Later on, Kim Chang decided to teach golf professionally.

Subsequently, he brought Tom along with him during their time in Australia while pursuing his teaching course in Melbourne.

Tom Kim Asian
Tom Kim is the son of Kim Chang-ik and Kwanjoo Kim. (Source: PGATour)

Therefore, Kim initially established his base in Australia, then ventured to the Philippines and eventually settled in Thailand for several years.

In 2018, he achieved victories in both the Philippine Amateur Open Championship and the W Express RVF Cup Amateur Championship.

His father was his idol growing up, and he learned the sport from him early on. 

His father, Chang-ik played a pivotal role in defining Kim’s golf career; his mother also had her hand in his upbringing.

Although her mother, Kwanjoo Kim is not in the presence of the media, she has always supported and believed in her son.

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