Who Is Julia Kukharchuk, Manel Kape Wife? Married Life And Daughter Amy Kape

Manel Kape Wife

Who is Julia Kukharchuk, Manel Kape wife? Read the article to learn about his married life and kids.

Kape is a professional mixed martial artist who recently made headlines for throwing a water bottle at Kai Kara-France during the UFC 293 press conference.

The incident led to a heated altercation between Kape and Israel Adesanya, who intervened to defend his teammate.

Kape is known for his aggressive fighting style and has a significant following on Instagram. Moreover, he shares photos and videos of his training and personal life.

He is scheduled to fight Felipe dos Santos on short notice at UFC 293.

Despite the recent controversy, Kape has a promising career ahead of him in the UFC and is expected to continue making waves in the sport.

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Who Is Julia Kukharchuk, Manel Kape Wife?

Julia Kukharchuk is the wife of Manel Kape, a professional mixed martial artist.

He recently made headlines for his altercation with Kai Kara-France and Israel Adesanya during the UFC 293 press conference.

While not much is known about Kukharchuk, she is often featured on Kape’s Instagram account, where he shares photos and videos of their life together.

Moreover, Kape and Kukharchuk appear to have a close relationship, with Kape often expressing his love and appreciation for her on social media.

Manel Kape Wife
According to some sources, Manel Kape is said to be married to Julia. (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite the recent controversy surrounding Kape, Kukharchuk continues to support her husband and his career in the UFC.

The couple is always there for each other whenever one needs someone to lean on.

We will update you even more on the topic of Manel Kape’s wife as soon as we get additional information on her from our relevant sources, so stay in touch with us.

Manel Kape Married Life With Wife Julia Kape

As mentioned above, Manel is married to Julia. But other information related to his married life is not known.

Moreover, the UFC fighter has not shared much about his love life.

Due to the lack of information on his love life, it is unknown how long they have been married.

Moreover, we cannot say if they are still together.

However, before tying the knot with Julia, he had dated her for a certain time.

As an athlete, he has decided to keep his love life lowkey, as he has not shared much on the topic.

He keeps his love life lowkey because Manel does not want to have public opinion on his personal life.

Manel Kape Wife Julia Daughter Amy Kape

Manel and Julia are parents to a daughter named Amy Kape.

Not much is known about their daughter as the couple has not shared much about her.

However,  Kape mentioned in an interview that he had a daughter who was two months old at the time.

Kape has shared photos and videos on his social media accounts that feature his daughter.

In December 2022, Kape was seen meeting his wife and daughter after a big win at UFCVegas66.

Overall, it seems that Kape is a proud father who enjoys spending time with his daughter.

 Manel Kape Wife
Manel Kape has a baby girl named Amy Kape. (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite not having information on Amy, we can expect Manel and Julia to be wonderful parents.

Moreover, we can also expect them to be there for her whenever she needs someone to lean on.

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