Tom Crean Sister: Mary, Emma And Eleanor Age Gap

Tom Crean Sister

Tom Crean was a legendary rugby player who marked a significant position in the sports arena with his astounding performances on the field. Learn more about the Tom Crean sisters in the article.

Major Dr. Thomas Joseph Crean was a multifaceted individual. He was known for his remarkable achievements in rugby, military service, and medicine.

Tom hailed from Ireland. He left an indelible mark both on the rugby field and the battlefield. 

Crean’s contributions to sports and his gallantry in wartime have been commemorated with prestigious accolades.

Moreover, Thomas’s skills in rugby were evident from an early stage.

He represented Leinster, Ireland, and the British Isles, leaving an enduring legacy in the sports.

Notably 1894, Crean was integral to the inaugural Ireland team to clinch the Home Nations Championship and a Triple Crown, showing his exceptional skills and leadership.

Nonetheless, his legacy extends far beyond the rugby pitch. He also had a distinguished military career.

His contributions to the medical field were equally noteworthy.

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Who Was Tom Crean Sister?

Tom Crean’s sisters played an integral role in his life. His sisters were Mary, Emma, and Eleanor.

Tom Crean Sister
Tom Crean’s Sister, Mary, passed away in 2018. (Source: Facebook)

Like most of the sisters, they, too, loved their charming brother. They must have been supportive of his life choices and career endeavors.

His sisters were born in Esker House, Upper Rathmines Road. They grew up together, having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

Moreover, the legend has a younger sister named Alice Mary. She married one of Thomas’s rugby teammates, Alexander Findlater Todd.

A solid familial bond marked the Crean sibling’s upbringing. Furthermore, they shared experiences growing up in Dublin.

Also, as a responsible brother, Tom must have cared for his sister. He must have made them proud of him and encouraged them to follow their dreams.

Tom Crean And His Sister Age Gap

It appears Tom had three elder sisters and a younger sister. They must have had around a year or more difference.

Despite their age gap, it is evident that they treated each other beyond a mere number, which made them older or smaller than each other.

Although they might have a specific years of age gap, the rugby player never felt that way. His sisters always treated him lovely.

Nonetheless, there needs to be more information about the Tom Crean sisters. They preferred a low-profile life.

Tom was an active person. He served with the Imperial Light Horse, showing extraordinary bravery and commitment to duty.

In 1902, Crean was honored as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, recognizing his dedication and proficiency in medicine.

Tom Crean Brothers

Tom Crean, a remarkable military figure, had three brothers. His brothers were John, Frank, and Richard.

Tom Crean Sister
Tom Crean’s brother Richard died in infancy. (Source: wikipedia)

The Crean brothers shared an early education journey, attending Belvedere College and Catholic University School before becoming boarders at Clongowes Wood College.

Nonetheless, Tom and his brother’s paths diverged in interests and pursuits as they grew older.

John followed in their father’s footsteps and pursued a legal career, becoming a barrister at the Land Commission.

Frank, on the other hand, ventured into the field of engineering.

He emigrated to Canada, where he undertook a significant survey of Saskatchewan in 1908-09 on behalf of the Canadian Government.

Sadly, Richard passed away in infancy, leaving behind a brief yet impactful presence in the family’s history.

The Cream brothers likely shared a strong family bond and support for each other’s pursuits.

Their varied paths in law, medicine, and engineering and their contribution to society highlight the diversity of talent within the Crean family.

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