Is Diamond Bradley DNA Results Out? Family And Case Details

Diamond Bradley

Bradley family and the community are waiting for the Diamond Bradley DNA results. A woman claims she is the same missing girl and recently submitted fingerprints to the FBI for a test. 

Diamond Bradley and her older sister Tionda Bradley disappeared without a trace on July 6, 2001, from the south side of Chicago.

At the time of their disappearance, she was a mere three years old, while Tionda was ten years old.

Bradley had a medium complexion and styled her hair in braided ponytails, as stated in the FBI’s report on her case.

The document notes that she was last spotted sporting purple hair ties. Additionally, Diamond bears a scar on the left side of her head, possesses deep-set eyes, and is shy yet talkative.

The sisters’ mother says she found a note at the family’s house that said Diamond and Tionda were going to the store and then to the playground. Since then, no one has seen them.

Is Diamond Bradley DNA Results Out?

There is a possibility of making progress in a complex missing persons case that has been going on for almost twenty years in Chicago without being solved.

The family involved has faced numerous misleading information and false leads throughout their difficult search for answers. However, a recent development has sparked hope.

A woman has stepped forward, claiming to be Diamond, one of the two sisters who mysteriously vanished from a South Side residence. Sheliah Bradley-Smith, the girl’s great aunt, has talked with this individual in Harris County, Texas.

Diamond Bradley DNA Results
Diamond Bradley DNA results: A woman came forward claiming she is a missing girl. (Source: unilad)

According to Bradley-Smith, the woman recounted details of her past, recalling being in a vehicle and spending time with Tionda. Tragically, she stated that she was subsequently taken away and never had further contact with her sister.

Bradley-Smith posted on social media that the FBI had taken DNA samples from the woman on May 17. She said that this news was essential.

Expressing her optimism, Bradley-Smith remarked that this was the first time someone willingly agreed to undergo a DNA test.

The woman cooperated fully, spending two hours at a local police station before proceeding to the FBI for fingerprinting and the DNA test. Bradley-Smith revealed that an FBI agent informed her that the test results could be expected within a timeframe ranging from two to 14 days.

The anticipation now lies in the outcome of these crucial tests, which hold the potential to unveil the truth behind Bradley’s disappearance.

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Diamond Bradley Family

Tracey Bradley, the mother of the missing girl Diamond, has been living with the heart-wrenching reality of her daughters disappearance for the past 21 years.

While the identity of Diamond’s father remains unknown, she also has an older sister named Tionda, who went missing alongside her and has yet to be found.

Diamond Bradley
A missing girl’s family are searching them even after 20 years of their missing. (Source: chicagocrusader)

Tracey has never given up hope in her determined search for solutions. They are sure that Bradley sisters were taken by someone they knew, which makes it hard to think that a note supposedly written by Tionda is real.

As the authorities continued investigating this perplexing case, Private Detective Pablo Foster disclosed to Block Club that the police and FBI are actively pursuing new leads.

However, the Bradley family recognizes the crucial role that the public can play in solving this mystery.

Diamond Bradley Case Details

The tragic case of the Bradley girls remains a mystery for Chicago. Tionda, 10, and Diamond, 3, went missing from their mother’s third-floor apartment near 35th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.

The community of Chicago comes together to help search for the Bradley sisters. However, despite the tireless efforts of law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens, Tionda and Diamond were never located.

 Diamond Bradley
The two pictures above show Diamond Bradley before she went missing when she was 3 years old and how she might look now. (Source: nbcchicago)

Today, Diamond would have turned 25, a young woman whose life was stolen away, her story shrouded in mystery.

To keep hope alive and raise awareness, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released new age-progressed photos of the sisters in 2021, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of their disappearance.

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