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Tom Brady

One of the most notable players in the current NFL scene Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., aka Tom Brady, has a net worth of a staggering $250 million.

Brady currently plays as a quarterback for Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL).

One of the most outstanding quarterbacks of all time, Brady spent his first 20 seasons with New England Patriots.

Surprisingly Tom was selected 199th overall by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Source: Fox News)

Moreover, Brady has had a super successful football career, and he holds several career quarterback records, including touchdown passes, completions, passing yards, and games started.

He also holds the record of most Pro Bowl selections.

Apart from that, Brady also has been noted for his longevity.

Tom Brady | Quick Facts

Before jumping to the details, let’s run down the quick facts of the greatest Quarterback of all time, Tom Brady.

Birth Name Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
Nicknames Tom Terrific, Touchdown Tom, GOAT, The Pharaoh, TB12
Birth Date August 3, 1977
Age  46 Years Old
Place of Birth San Mateo, California
Height 193 m, 1.93 cm, 6 ft. 4 in
Weight 102 kg, 225 lbs.
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue
Shoe Size 11-12 (US)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed ( Swedish, Irish, Polish, Norwegian)
Religion Roman Catholic
Education University of Michigan
Father’s Name Thomas Brady Sr.
Mother’s Name Galynn Patricia Brady
Siblings Nancy Brady, Julie Brady, and Maureen Brady
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married (2009)
Spouse Gisele Bundchen
Children Vivian Lake Brady, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Benjamin Brady
Profession American Football Player
Jersey Number 12
Position Quarterback
Throws Right
Teams New England Patriots (2000-2019), Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Since 2020)
Net Worth $250 million
Main Source of Income NFL, Endorsements, Business Ventures
Salary $30 million
Endorsements Sam Adams, Aston Martin, Tag Heuer
Merchandise Signed Jersey, Signed Gold Rookie Card
Social Media Accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok
Last Update June 2024

Tom Brady Net Worth, Income & NFL Contracts

An American football player for Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League, Tom Brady, has a Net Worth of an astonishing $250 million as of June 2024.

Aside from football, Brady is also a spokesperson and entrepreneur.

Brady is married to a gorgeous Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Together the couple is worth more than $650 million.

GOAT earns mostly from his NFL salary, endorsements, and several business ventures he has embarked upon over the years.

He has an annual salary of $30 million.

During his time with the Patriots, he earned approximately $230 million from his salary alone. Similarly, he made an additional $100 million from various brand endorsements.

He is currently inked with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and by the time his two-year deal with the team ends, he will have earned $280 million in salary and an additional $140 million from endorsements.

With that being said, by the time he retires from NFL, his career earnings should top a staggering $420 million.

NFL Contracts

The aforementioned quarterback, Tom Brady, spent 20 seasons, almost his entire peak career with the NFL team New England Patriots.

After being drafted in the 2000 NFL draft, Brady signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Patriots worth $866,500 with a signing bonus of $38,500 and an average annual salary of $288,833.

With the contract’s expiration in 2002, Brady signed a four-year contract with the team worth $29.625 million with a $3.5 million signing bonus and a $7.40 million average annual salary.

Moreover, the contract ended in 2006, and Brady extended the contract till 2010. This new extension was worth $42.8 million with a $14.5 million signing bonus and $10.7 million average annual salaries.

Tom Brady During a Game
Tom Brady During a Game (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Similarly, Brady again signed a four-year contract with the team worth $72 million after the contract expired.

The contract paid Brady a $16 million signing bonus and an $18 million average annual salary.

Following the contract expiration, Brady signed another five extensions with the Patriots for the next 13 years, which came to an end in 2019. The total value of the contract was about $88.25 million.

He said his goodbyes to the Patriots in 2019 and signed a two-year contract with Tampa Bay worth $50 million.

The new and revised contract pays Brady $25 million on average annual salary.

His base salary is basically $15 million-plus, a $10 million roster bonus each year.

Similarly, if he hits milestones, the contract will pay Brady more than $60 million.

Interestingly, he actually turned down a higher contract which makes sense because it was not fully guaranteed.

Apart from NFL, Brady has numerous investments in various sectors, including blockchains, production companies, and real estate.

Tom Brady’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s check out Tom Brady’s net worth in some of the major currencies in the world.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 221.56 million
Pound Sterling £ 189.19 million
Australian Dollar A$ 351.14 million
Canadian Dollar C$ 323.10 million
Indian Rupee ₹ 18,939,812,500
BitCoin ฿ 5,330.04

Tom Brady | Houses, Cars, Yacht, & Private Jets


Back in 2009, Tom and his wife Gisele purchased an undeveloped plot of land in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles for $9 million.

They spent an additional $20 million to construct a 14,000 square feet mansion over the next three years.

They lived in the mansion for less than a year and sold it to the rapper and producer Dr. Dre for a cool $50 million making a whopping $21 million in profit.

Similarly, the couple splashed $25.5 million in 2018 for a 12th floor unit in a New York City building. After two years, they sold the unit for a staggering $40 million. Nonetheless, they still own a smaller unit in the same building.

These are not the only properties the Bradys own. They also owned a massive home in Massachusetts. The custom-built mansion in the suburb of Brookline hit the market for $40 million in 2019.

However, the pair slashed the price to $33.9 million in January 2020.

The couple ultimately offloaded the mansion for around $32.5 million.


Owing to Tom Brady’s net worth of  $250 million, his car collection consists of several extravagant rides.

He has everything from Rolls Royce to Ferrari and from Audi to Aston Martin.

However, perhaps the priciest car in his collection is his Bugatti Veyron. This car alone costs $1.9 million.

Tom Brady With Aston martin
Tom Brady With Aston Martin (Source: Motorious)

The quarterback’s car collection is believed to be worth around $5 million.

Other cars in his collection include Rolls Royce Ghost worth $400,000, Ferrari M458-T worth $240,000, an Audi R8 worth $165,000, and Aston Martin Vanquish Volante worth $359,950.

Private Jets

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen purchased a Gulfstream G550 private jet in 2008 and decided to join the club of other top-earning celebs who pour money into high-caliber private transportation.

The couple paid a staggering $50 million for the plane.


Apart from other luxuries, Brady also has a private yacht. He owns Wajer 77private yacht. Brady pre-ordered the yacht for around $6 million. The 77 feet long yacht has been named Viva a Vida.

Tom Brady | Lifestyle & Vacations


Tom Brady is pretty disciplined when it comes to his workout and diet regime.

His health regimen includes yoga, Transcendental Meditation, early bedtime, neuroplasticity training, resistance training, and an 80/20 diet (eat nutritious foods 80 percent of the time and have a serving of your favorite treat with the other 20 percent).

It is not easy staying married to a supermodel, is it?

Brady and his family follow a controversial strict TB12 Method diet.

Moreover, Brady avoids foods such as white sugar, flour, gluten, dairy, soda, cereal, bread, coffee, eggplant, white rice, and peppers.

Furthermore, after he wakes up, he drinks 20 ounces of water with electrolytes. After that, he drinks a high-protein smoothie of blueberries, nuts, seeds, and bananas.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Source: BFN CA ➢ What are people interested right now in Canada ➢ Latest news in real time)

As for his personal life, Brady has been married to Gisele Bündchen since December of 2006. Their daughter was born in 2012, and their son was born in 2009.


The Bradys flew off to Costa Rica in 2020 after the Super Bowl. They were spotted basking in the sun and relaxing.

Brady also had the time to recover from his off-season knee surgery. He was seen walking with a bandage on his knee.

Similarly, the pair was spotted in Italy in 2016. They were seen riding a moped and enjoying the romantic gateway.

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Tom Brady | Charity

Brady founded his own foundation named TV12 Foundation in 2015. It provides health care to low-income families.

Similarly, Brady works with Best Buddies International. The nonprofit works with people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Aside from that, Brady is associated with Make-A-Wish-Foundation, where he meets with sick children as part of granting wishes.

Likewise, amid COVID-19, Tom and his wife donated 10 million meals to families in need as part of the Meals Up Initiative.

Tom Brad | Business, Endorsements & Books


Tom Brady has dipped his feet in every way possible to keep his riches to himself.

He has invested in numerous business ventures over the years, and would you know it, he is equally successful in his ventures off the field.

In 2020 Brady launched his Hollywood production company named 199 Productions which also happens to be his NFL Draft position, which was 199th overall.

Similarly, Brady and his body coach Alex Guerrero founded a performance lifestyle brand TB12 in 2013.

The brand recently pivoted to an e-commerce based strategy, and the result was fantastic.

The brand’s online sales increased to 200% and also expanded into new markets in different parts of the world, including the UK, the Middle East, and Asia. The number of employees increased as well from 20 to 60.

Besides that, Brady has invested a chunk of fortune in building the NFT platform. His NFT platform is called Autograph.

Since the inception of the platform, Brady has signed a deal with several other athletes, including Tony Hawk, Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods, and Wayne Gretzky.

Similarly, Autograph has also tied an exclusive deal with DraftKings $DKNG to launch a marketplace that enables collectors to sell and buy digital collectibles.

As of June 2024, Tom Brady’s net worth is $250 million.

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As mentioned before quarterback, Tom Brady has earned more than $150 million from several lucrative endorsement deals throughout the years.

Some of the brands Brady has endorsed include Beats by Dre, Under Armor, Foot Locker, Molecule Mattresses, Upper Deck, Fanatics, IWC Watches, Christopher Cloos, and crypto exchange FTX.

Similarly, his current endorsement deals are with brands such as Tag Heuer, Sam Adams, and Aston martin.


Aside from all his endorsements and investments, Brady has also published a few books.

He published his first book, Tom Brady, a biography, in 2015.

The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance
The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, he published The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance in 2017. It became the bestselling book in the New York Times.

Tom Brady | Career

Tom Brady began his professional football career in 2000 with the New England patriots.

Because of his late selection, he is considered the biggest steal in NFL Draft history.

After his 20 seasons with the Patriots, he announced that he was moving to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020.

 Early Days
Tom Brady Early Days (Source: New England Patriots)

His contract with Tampa will end in 2022.

Moreover, Brady has been named NFL Most Valuable Player three times, NFL Offensive Player of the Year two times, Super Bowl MVP five times, and Super Bowl Champion seven times.

Unknown Facts About Tom Brady

  • Before his first Super Bowl, Tom Brady fell asleep in the locker room.
  • In order to relieve tension on the field, he loves to drop F-bombs
  • Though he is still firing on the field, his wife, Gisele, wants him to retire.


Is Tom Brady vegan?

Tom Brady is not vegan. Even though he eats an 80% vegan diet, he still eats meat.

Is Tom Brady lactose intolerant?

It is not sure whether the quarterback is lactose, but he avoids dairy.

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