A.J Green Net Worth : Career & Charity

Professional American football player Adriel Jeremiah Green known as A.J Green, net worth is $33.5 million.

One of the best wide receivers in the NFL, A.J Green plays for Cincinnati Bengals since 2011.

His catching and teamwork skills make him enjoyable to watch, even for the opponent team fans.

He has become a perfect fit for the team of Cincinnati Bengals. That is why he got to have the extension on cards with them even after his contract was due in 2015.

AJ Green in a game
AJ Green in a game

He set the record rank second in all-time career receiving with 5,373 career receiving yards. Similarly, his 279 career receptions rank fourth.

AJ was born on 31st July 1988 in Summerville, South Carolina, USA. His father, Woodrow was a truck driver and steelworkers and his mother, Dora, was a clerk at a Wal-Mart.

His only sibling, older brother Avionce Green died in a car crash. The same car crash also paralyzed their aunt when AJ was just 4 years old.

A.J learned juggling in second grade and also was on his elementary school’s juggling team.

He was a master in juggling, which helped the improvement of his eye-hand synchronization.

Green was also a superstar basketball player at Summerville. His team won the national championship in 2007 and 2008.

Quick Facts

Born Name Adriel Jeremiah Green
Nickname Ravens Killer
Date of Birth 31st July 1988
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Age 35 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Summerville, North Carolina, United States
Brother Avionce Green
Profession Professional Football Player
Net Worth $33.5 Million
Social Media Instagram
Weight 207.2 pounds
Hair color Black
Hair type Curly
Last Update April, 2024

A.J Green Net Worth and Income

The wide receiver of Cincinnati Bengals has a net worth of a whopping $33.5 million as of 2021.

Since the contract extension with Cincinnati Bengals, A.J got the boost in his bank account as it has more money to offer.

The previous contract value was not enough to put the player in place in Forbes highest-paid athletes.

The extended contract offered him twice more than the rookie contract he signed before.

After signing a rookie contract, he eventually improved his game and proved himself a valuable asset in NFL scenarios.

A.J Green in NFL
A.J Green in NFL

A.J can be accredited for the improvement of the whole team. He single-handedly made the team stand tall in NFL.

During the first four seasons, he proved himself a valuable player on the team.

Since he proved himself, he got an extension on the cards and made it to the Forbes list of Highest-paid athletes.

Rookie Contract with Cincinnati Bengals (2011-2015):

Since his college days, A.J didn’t take much time to get into the spotlight.

He seized the eyes of thousands of people with his outstanding performance. He earned himself numerous awards during that period.

After three extraordinary seasons in university, the day came when he signed a rookie contract with Cincinnati Bengals.

On 28th July 2011, A.J Green was picked fourth by the Cincinnati Bengals during NFL Draft. It was four years contract.

He was offered $19,688,098 for four years, which included $12.8 million as the signing bonus.

The huge signing bonus reduced the salary of the player. Green was paid $3 75,000 for the first season, and for the last season, he was paid $3,059,739.

In 2014 Green was offered an additional one-year contract and later got a full-fledged contract extension for another four years.

Contract extension by Cincinnati Bengals (2016-2020):-

This contract extension proved to be the most lucrative deal of A.J’s career.

After proving the game to the Bengals, A.J got his contract extension for additional four years with a signing bonus of $15 Million, which was 2 million more from the previous contract.

The total value for the tune was $60 Million. However, there was a big fluctuation in the base salary of the star player each year.

Year Base Salary
2016 $11,750,000
2017 $3,800,000
2018 $10,300,000
2019 $3,000,000

This contract changed his whole career and made him one of the most bankable players in the NFL.

According to Forbes, A.J stood 30th position in the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes.

A $15million signing bonus, another $6 million roster bonus, and a base salary of $11.7 million made him on the list.

All thanks to the extension of the contract.

Besides the income from contracts with teams in NFL, A.J makes a good amount from brand endorsements.

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A.J Green House, Cars & Yacht & watches


A.J Green House in Roswell, Georgia

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver repurchased this house in 2012 for $6 22,000.

Green's Atlanta House
Green’s Atlanta House

This house has six bedrooms and 1 and a half baths.

The front of the house is surrounded by a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.


The NFL star has been spotted in numerous vehicles but reportedly owns the 2011 Porsche Panamera 4s.

He purchased this car in 2011 after signing the contract with Cincinnati Bengals.

The cost of the car ranges from $96,175 to $110,545 and comes with the 32-valve V8 engine and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting.

It comes with 400 horsepower.

A.J Green Lifestyle and Vacations

During most of his career, A.J Green was sponsored by Nike for his jersey.

A.J has been on numerous vacations with his wife and kids.

The family goes on vacations, especially during the off-season, so that the player won’t miss the game.

AJ showing off his kicks
AJ showing off his kicks

Green also likes to show off his kicks on his Instagram.

Green has a large collection of shoes. His sneakers collection includes Air Jordan, Kobe, and Oregon.


NFL star A.J is quite a charitable figure. He is involved in numerous charitable foundations.

For instance, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, Low country Food Bank to name a few.

In 2016 he spent his entire day off with the boys and girls club of greater Cincinnati, giving them motivational talk.

A.J was also seen at the fifth annual spelling bee contest hosted by the club.

More than 50 students participated in this contest. In 2015 A.J provided A.J Green Family Football scholarship to the less privileged students.

A.J also participated in fundraiser catching against cancer with other fellow players.

Supporting Still Strong Foundation, all the players pledged to catch the ball, and with each catch, people can make a donation that goes to the families whose children are fighting against cancer.

The star also supports different causes. For example, Breast Cancer, Hunger, Inspiring, and Empowering Youth.

Green runs his own campaign in accordance with his partnership with cascade.

A.J in a football camp
A.J in a football camp

He runs a football camp for two days with kids. The participants get an autograph by Green himself.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

A.J Green has been seen in numerous television commercials and posters as a brand representative.

The star has been able to earn a hefty paycheck from brand endorsements.

Green feels very much blessed for being able to get this much in his life.

Besides making money from big games at NFL, he has done very well with earning through brand endorsements and appearances.

A.J has a good status all around apart from performing outstandingly in the field. And this has made him a very recognized player even among his NFL rivals.

In the year 2015, A.J pocketed $5 00,000 regarding appearance and brand endorsements.

The most recognized brand he endorsed within the period of playing was Nike.

Green is also very active in social media and never shies away from making sponsored acts and endorsements.

He endorsed energizer Rocking Refuel through his official Facebook page.

His other endorsements include American Family Insurance, Beats by Dre, Cascade, FanPicks, Fifth Third Bank.

A.J Green in commercial of Beats headphone
A.J Green in the commercial of Beats headphone

A.J Green was a part of a campaign of Beats by Dre headphones.


After Green was selected by Cincinnati Bengals on July 28, 2011, he agreed to a four-year contract.

Soon after signing a contract, Green became a member of School of the Legends in 2011.

Later that year, A.J was featured in the 2011 NFLPA Rookie debut, streamed live on YouTube from Cipriani, Wall Street.

A catch against the Cleveland Browns was A.J’s first NFL reception, a 41-yard touchdown.

Green recorded four 100-yard games and led all NFL rookies in receptions and receiving yards, catching 65 passes for 1,057 yards in 15 games.

In 2011 December 18, A.J and another rookie quarterback Andy Dalton outdid the all-time NFL records for yards.

Green’s 1,031 yards outdid Chris Collingsworth’s record of 2,009 yards set in 1981.

In 2019 while practicing with the team at Welcome Stadium in Dayton, Ohio, Green got injured with his ankle’s ligament torn.

A.J skipped the entire year due to the injury despite being expected to miss only a minority of the games in the early seasons.

On 16 March 2020, Green was placed in the franchise tag by the Cincinnati Bengals.

On 17th July 2020, A.J signer a one-year deal.

He made a comeback from the injury and played against Los Angeles Chargers in the Bengals 2020 regular season. 2020 was the worst season in A.J’s career.

A.J Green signs a contract with Arizona Cardinals
A.J Green signs a contract with Arizona Cardinals.

Since his contract with Cincinnati Bengals expired in 2020, the star player signed a one-year contract with Arizona Cardinals on 17th March 2021, which is worth $8.5 Million, with $6 Million guaranteed.

Out of $6 million, his signing bonus is $3.75 Million, and the base pay is $2.25 million, which is guaranteed. He will also get $2.5 Million as available incentives.

Facts about A.J Green

  • A.J could juggle almost four items at once.
  • He set the record rank second in all-time career receiving with 5,373 career receiving yards.
  • Green was a part of a campaign of Beats by Dre headphones.
  • AJ Green has 53 catches, 886 yards, and 9 TDs against the Ravens alone.


Who is A.J’s wife?

A.J married his college sweetheart Miranda Brooke on 21st March 2015. Miranda Brooke is an actress and a singer. Singer John Legend performed in the reception.

Does AJ Green have a son?

Yes, A.J Green and Miranda Broke have two kids. Easton Ace Green and Gunner Blaze Green.

Who signed A.J Green?

Arizona Cardinals signed a new contract with A.J Green for a total of $8 Million in 2021.

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