Jody Scheckter Family: Wife Kids And Ethnicity

Jody Scheckter Family

Jody Scheckter family: he lives lavishly with his beautiful wife and adorable children. What’s the athlete’s ethnicity?

Jody Scheckter, a renowned figure in the world of motorsports, is not only a South African business proprietor but also a former accomplished motor racing driver.

His remarkable career in Formula One spanned from 1972 to 1980.

He achieved one of his most illustrious honors by winning the Drivers’ Championship in 1979 with his team of Ferrari.

Scheckter’s accomplishments go beyond personal glory; he holds a distinctive place in the annals of Formula One history.

As of 2023, he remains the sole driver from the African continent to have claimed victory in a Formula One race or secured the coveted World Drivers’ Championship.

His ascent in the competitive world of Formula One was swift, starting with his move to Britain in 1970.

Jody Scheckter Family

His family’s background and support shaped Jody Scheckter’s early life and racing journey.

Born on 29th January 1950 in East London, South Africa, Jody’s father played a pivotal role in his upbringing and passion for motorsports, as he owned a Renault dealership.

Jody Scheckter Family
Jody Scheckter, portrait during 2019 Formula 1 FIA world championship, Italy Grand Prix. (source: autohebdo)

As a young boy, Jody worked as an engineering apprentice at his father’s dealership, gaining valuable mechanical skills and developing a penchant for high-speed driving.

This inclination eventually led him to explore racing, initially on motorcycles and later in saloon cars.

His early forays into racing were marked by his fearless driving style, which occasionally got him into trouble, as he was once black-flagged for dangerous driving in his first national race.

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Jody Scheckter Wife and Kids

Two marriages have marked Jody Scheckter’s family life and six children, each with unique paths and pursuits.

His first marriage to Pamela resulted in two children, Toby and Tomas.

Interestingly, both Toby and Tomas decided to follow in their father’s tire tracks, embarking on careers in racing.

Tomas made his mark in the Indy Racing League, where he notably clinched two race victories.

Jody Scheckter Family
Jody Scheckter’s family showcases a blend of shared racing passion and diverse personal pursuits. (source: Jewish Report)

In his current marriage to Clare, Jody is the proud father of four more children: Hugo, Freddie, Ila, and Poppy.

While racing is a common thread in his family; where Tomas and Toby carry on the tradition.

Jody’s daughter Ila has also ventured into the world of motorsports by competing in the British GT Championship.

However, it’s worth noting that Jody’s other children do not appear to be directly involved in the racing scene, showcasing the diverse interests and pursuits within the Scheckter family.

Jody Scheckter Ethnicity

Jody Scheckter hails from South African descent because his parents immigrated to the UK. Nevertheless, he grew up in East London.

South Africa is renowned for its rich ethnic diversity, with a population of over 59 million people comprising various ethnic groups.

The predominant ethnic group in South Africa is of Black African descent, with the largest subgroups including Zulu, Xhosa, and Sotho.

The second-largest ethnic group in the country is the White population, primarily of Dutch, British, and German ancestry.

Additionally, South Africa is home to mixed-race communities known as Coloureds and individuals of Indian or Asian descent, primarily of Indian heritage.

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