Sugar Mercado Wedding With Husband Kristofer Jay Go – Marriage Photos

Sugar Mercado wedding

Ma. Sugar Mercado is a Filipino dancer and actress known for contributing to the entertainment industry. Learn more about Sugar Mercado wedding images and clips.

Initially, she gained prominence as a member of the Sexbomb Girls and was one of the hosts of the popular GMA Network noontime variety show Eat Bulaga! However, her association with the show ended in 2007.

Following her departure from Eat Bulaga!, Mercado took on the role of co-host in the now-defunct variety game program Wowowin in addition to being part of the lineup for Willing Willie (later rebranded as Wil Time Bigtime) alongside former Wowowee host Willie Revillame in 2011.

Despite her initial success, Mercado experienced a hiatus in her career, with no offers from TV5 in 2012, leading to her inactivity in showbiz from 2014 until 2017.

However, she returned in 2017, re-entering the industry through the Hay, Bahay! Show and reuniting with Willie Revillame on Wowowin after a five-year hiatus.

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Sugar Mercado Wedding With Husband Kristofer Jay Go

The famous and talented actress and dancer, Sugar Mercado’s marriage to Kristofer Jay Go didn’t go as well as expected, as she filed for divorce against her former husband due to domestic violence she used to face.

Mercado, who used to be in the Sexbomb Girls, went to court to get protection from her husband, Kristoffer Jay Go, and his parents.

Sugar Mercado wedding
                                                                         Sugar Mercado striking a lovely pose for a photo (Source: Instagram)

As per reports, the performer filed a case in the Quezon City Regional Trial Court against her husband for breaking the law that protects women and children from violence.

She says that Go and his parents have been treating her poorly sometimes. According to her legal representative, Go has threatened to take away Mercado’s kids and has even hinted at hurting her.

Because of all this, the ex-dancer asked the court to let her have full custody of her children. This shows she’s taking steps to protect herself and her kids from the alleged mistreatment.

Sugar Mercado marriage photos 

Currently, no images or visual documentation exist concerning the marriage of the Filipino actress Sugar Mercado.

The details or visual representation of her marital status appear unavailable or undisclosed.

Sugar Mercado wedding
                                                                           A beautiful picture of Sugar and her beloved daughters (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the talented actress and dancer Mercado may have chosen not to share images related to her marriage for personal reasons.

Also, it could be that she prefers to keep certain aspects of her personal life private, understanding that revealing such images might lead to personal discomfort or disturbance.

Furthermore, this decision to withhold footage and images may stem from a desire to maintain privacy and separation between her public and personal lives.

Sugar Mercado family

Ma. Sugar Mercado, the youngest of four siblings, grew up with her family in Cavite.

Their residence was a makeshift house on top of a hog shed on her grandfather’s land.

Recalling her childhood, Sugar mentioned that her family used to sleep on wooden strips, and their roof would frequently be blown away during typhoons.

Despite these challenging circumstances, her fortunes would take a positive turn.

During her junior year in high school, Sugar served as a majorette for the Gen. Mariano Alvarez Technical High School Band.

Sugar Mercado wedding
                                                      Sugar has more than 294k followers on her Instagram account (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, she ventured into television beauty contests, participating in Eat Bulaga!’s “TV Babe” segment in 2001, although she did not win.

However, this experience led her to join the SexBomb Girls, a stint that lasted less than a year. Opting to prioritize her education, Sugar decided to complete her studies.

She embarked on a six-month stint with the ABS-CBN noontime variety show MTB: Ang Saya Saya 2002 edition three years later. Following this period, she rejoined both the SexBomb Girls and Eat Bulaga!

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