Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide And Death News: Online Bullying

Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide

Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding Glam It Up With Pranshu suicide news shed light on the factors contributing to an online bullying case.

The digital media platform has become a new breed of influencers who often blur the line between fact and fiction.

Pranshu, aka Glam It Up With Pranshu, recently became viral for their sensational clip on colorful social media platforms.

Pranshu is a famous Instagram star with a massive 13.9 thousand followers. Likewise, the 16-year-old is known for their fashion sense, beauty, and cotillion moves.

In Pranshu’s Instagram handle, they have described themselves as a self-taught makeup artist, beauty enthusiast, and influencer. 

Also, Pranshu’s posts are related to skincare and fashion. Hence, Pranshu is growing on Instagram.

Similarly, the influencer shares beauty tips content with the subscribers on the platform.

Pranshu’s online bullying news has gained a lot of clouts, making headlines on several news outlets.

Despite Pranshu’s fame, people still wonder about their Instagram reels and how the influencer became notorious.

This composition will explore Glam It Up With Pranshu’s suicide and death news and whether it is true or not.

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Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide And Death News

As verified by Yes, We Exist official Twitter handle, Pranshu, a 16-year-old Queer artist, lost their life to suicide on November 21st, 2023.

Reportedly, they were a 10th class student from Ujjain, MP. Before their death, they faced mass bullying on Instagram for nearly a week after Pranshu posted a Diwali Reel where they wore a saree, which went viral.

Famous Indian influencer Pranshu has come under intense scrutiny following a viral clip on all social media platforms.

Online bullies spread rapidly in this fast-paced era. As celebrities and influencers become viral overnight, Pranshu has been spotlighted for wearing a saree and facing heavy bullying and backlash.

The post by Pranshu Yes, We Exist, mentioning Pranshu’s death, has gained over 636.7 thousand views with over 1,311 reposts on Twitter, now X.

Likewise, the post has gained at least 4,308 likes and 557 quotes as of this writing. 

Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide death
Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide: The 16-year-old Queer influencer lost his life after facing online bullying. (Source: X)

The release of Pranshu’s viral reel sparked controversy, becoming a hot, scandalous topic, and he later took their own life after facing online bullies.

However, the specific details of Pranshu’s content are not mentioned.

Likewise, the incident highlights the challenges of maintaining a peaceful environment on social media as they face constant bullying from the extreme communities who spread hate on the platform.

The disheartening news surrounding Pranshu’s death case has sparked debates about the consequences of sharing responsible comments online.

These incidents remind us how crucial it is to keep an ethical presence online since users’ actions can have far-reaching effects on their personal lives.

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Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide Online Bullying

16-year-old self-made makeup artist Pranshu became the victim of online bullying. Recently, their Instagram reel became the center of controversy.

Sadly, their untimely death has taken the digital space by storm.

Influencer Pranshu’s online bullying has piqued the interest of their followers. Hence, speculation regarding their personal life should be treated cautiously.

Pranshu’s devoted followers should be more concerned with respecting their privacy. Also, fans concentrate on the queer artist’s creative activities as an influencer.

Who Is Glam It Up With Pranshu?

Queer makeup artist Pranshu was 16 years old in 2023. Likewise, they hailed from Ujjain, MP

Pranshu was a 10th-grade student and a digital influencer who posted dance trends, situational comedy, and beauty content on social media platforms.

Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide news
Glam It Up With Pranshu Suicide news: Sadly, the 10th-grade student from Ujjain, MP, took their own life facing online bullies. (Source: Twitter)

They were most active on their Instagram handles. Pranshu has amassed a massive 13.9 thousand followers.

In just a few years, Pranshu has achieved success with their creative content.

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